No anaerobic or sprint training on my plan


I am 12 weeks into my training & I am Just getting a bit worried as I looked at my plan all the way to my ‘’ A’’ event & there is no anaerobic or sprint workouts planned whatsoever, only VO2 max, treshold & endurance… How come??



What plan did you select. There’s no anaerobic or sprint on my TT plan but to get results I’ll be focusing on other areas.

I’ve selected hill races

Was hoping @chad could help me to figure that out :grin::grin:

Specialty phase has plenty of anaerobic workouts for Rolling Road Race or Criterium plans, maybe also others, haven’t checked. True, no separate sprint workouts but many workouts already contain sprinting efforts as well.

There is no much reason to start those workouts too early: you’ll improve sprinting very quickly but also lose quickly.

I’ve checked all the way through my race which obviously includes the specific phase & the only workouts i can see are VO2 max… No anaerobic ones

Which Specialty plan do you have?

Is this you? Looks like your plan is built around a “climbing” road race, so it’s going to focus on suprathreshold efforts and sustained power to get you up long climbs faster. If that’s not the kind of racing you’ll be doing (or if that’s not the kind of training you want to do), you can change your target event to e.g. Rolling Road Race and have the system automatically update the workout profiles. You can also manually change the training blocks in your calendar.


yeah that’s not good. you might not need a lot of anaerobic training, and MORE is not always better due to the fact that you could start undergoing glycolysis sooner, but some is a good idea; keep those fibers active and used to firing. just add some short sprints in (6-8s x 4) once every 10 days and a few 30s efforts. Should be ready to rip!

Good luck at the race!

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Im really interested in this thread, doing a road stage race and my mv program is predominantly vo2, no sprint work. I want to do battle if the chance arises. Do you just add all out efforts to the end of workouts with extended cool down. Not trying to steel thread.

I’ve changed my plan to rolling road race & it’s all sweet now been doing VO2’s as well as anaerobic & treshold, feel much better & much more confident heading towards my goal event

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yeah i would sprinkle in a 4 x 6-8s sprint with full recovery between, can do on an endurance day, like your midweek 1-2h ride.

On a weekend ride, throw in a few 20s sprints (they are wayyyy longer than 20s sound on paper). Really dig in on these ones.

Good luck!

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