No results given at end the end of 20min ftp test

I did the 20min ftp test today. At the end of the test, TR stuck in some weird state. It did save the workout and even uploaded it to Strava, but did not show the page that shows the new ftp estimate.
I have attached a screenshot of the test result. My understanding is that TR uses the average power of the 20min effort in that test. Does this mean the ftp is 280?


20 minute test is .95 X average over your 20 minutes.

Looks like you’ve got some pacing improvements you could make too.


When in doubt, email for best direct support.

But I am sure someone can get you some info here shortly too.


If its recorded to Strava just go to your 20min best in the power curve and roughly 0.95xthat is your FTP.

ah that 266 :frowning: oh well guess I will have better luck next time. Thanks for the clarification everyone.

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  • 95% of 20-min average power
  • you had 281W 20-min average power
  • FTP estimate = 267W (281 * .95)

Hey just be confident that 266 number can be used for intervals of similar duration with strong confidence for training now. Add a few watts if you felt you held back at all

It did this to me last week too, there’s probably a glitch in it somewhere :confused:

My guess is looking at that profile is that 266 is conservative for you. I wouldn’t be scared at all to do some higher PL workouts for your plan that may be listed as stretch and breakthrough just to test yourself.

And remember, even if you do that and your PL shoots way up - you don’t have to do all workouts at your PL. If you are loaded up on volume, then you may very well need to do workouts at lower PL than your current just to not over-reach.

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You have a much better idea of what to aim for next time too. Look at how hard you went out and dropped after a few minutes. That’s a big deal - when you learn how to pace these efforts better, you’ll get better results. I suspect that pacing alone is worth 5 watts here.


The 20 min test has some sort of bug with it at the moment. I’ve had the same issue the past two tests. I’ve contacted support but they can’t seem to replicate the issue. In six weeks I will try again with the beta app as the next troubleshooting step. But yes, I’ve also just been manually updating my ftp after the test with .95 x average power of the 20 min test. Crazy that it causes my whole PC to freeze up as the test ends!

oh yes this exact same thing happened. The laptop (macbook) just froze. I left it as is, to figure out if it is just taking time. Its been 7+ hours frozen :smiley: Sounds like I have to reboot the laptop to fix.

Yep. Hard restart. Everything saves just fine, at least on my windows PC. Just annoying that you don’t get the immediate satisfaction of a new FTP right away. 1st world problems big time.

YIKES please also just check in with if issues persist! :slight_smile:

If you really want to have fun;

Fun is the right word, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: