Plan builder scheduling workouts in my rest week

Hi has anyone else had this? For some reason Trainer road is planning for me to continue vo2 max and sweet spot in what should be a rest week?
Pictured here is the first block of build, but it’s the same for the second block as well.

I’m not seeing a rest week during this 4 week sampling? Looks like 3 weeks of Build and a taper for a B race. Rest/recovery would be after the B race, maybe?

It is odd that it put two leg openers on the 19th.

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Yeah, looks like a taper into your B race to me too.

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Let me zoom out a bit more and show the next 8 weeks. I hadn’t realise that tapers were put in for B races, that must be new? Maybe I should change some of them to C races.
Its just that how it is now I don’t seem to have any recovery weeks at all, only taper weeks.

Hey there,

I’m taking a look at this now. Something is definitely off! You’re getting two Laurel workouts before a couple of your B races as @AlistairSH mentioned, and you should definitely have rest weeks in there!

I’ll reach out when I have a solution. Sorry for any trouble!

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Thanks for looking into it. I’m happy to fiddle a bit and for this weeks recovery week i just manually changed my workouts to easy ones.

If I remember correctly, there’s a flag you can flip when setting up the plan to control the leg opener day, but I don’t know if that also controls the taper. If you really don’t want your workouts impacted, I think you’ll have to move some of those events to C races and possibly turn off the leg opener flag. One side effect of C races - I think the plan will also leave any workout on that day. That might be ok for a single crit or cyclocross race, but probably not for a road race or whatever else that is well over an hour.

And with more of the plan visible, yeah, you’re missing a recovery week or two. Sometimes the plans get “stuck” and a support request usually gets it sorted pretty quickly. Not sure if they do a forced reset or something more manual.

It looks like your plan is back on track now. :raised_hands:

There are a few small bugs in place here that we’ve got on our list to squash, but everything should be running pretty smoothly as of now.

Let me know if you run into any issues or have any questions along the way though! :handshake: