No group workout option for 8 min and 20 min test?

Hey guys! Has anyone else tried to do the group workout for the 8 min or 20 min FTP test? It looks like it is not supported. Ended up doing the group ramp as a second option and both of us failed miserably. Looking forward to a group 20 min test soon!

I thought the whole idea behind the ramp test was to fail miserably :thinking:

I haven’t tried the group test thing yet but I’m curious about it. Don’t have a camera on my pc though.


Ha, true! But I am consistently 20 watts lower on the ramp compared to the 20 min, so I’ve been sticking with that!

Unfortunately, we don’t have plans in the pipeline to add Group Workout support for the 8/20 min test.

That being said, you could recreate the test the “old-fashioned way” by completing a group free-ride workout. To do this, select a free-ride workout and invite your riding mates to join you. For the first 20-25 minutes, warmup however you see fit. When you reach a set timestamp, start your sustained exhaustive 20-minute effort. Then, complete a cooldown and end the ride.

In the post-ride analysis section, you can then make an interval that covers your 20-minute time duration, which will allow you to determine your average power during the test interval. Multiply the average power by 0.95 and that is your estimated FTP.

If doing the 8-minute testing protocol, you will complete two 8 minute intervals with 10 minutes of rest in between efforts. Then in post-ride analysis, you will then find the average power from both intervals and average them together. Then multiply that value by 0.9.

I hope this helps!

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Why not?