New TR logo on forum

New TR logo:

@Nate_Pearson very nice, it looks great!


And on my bookmarks bar.

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Maybe one of the more handy TR users could fashion a TR Bat-signal so when we get into trouble with Mary Austin (and you will!) you can hit the TR button and Super Nate can swoop in and lend you some of his Cat1 horsepower. :man_superhero:

Soooo…if we go by hairdo…Nate’s the super-hero and Chad’s the super-villian…what does that make Jonathan (or Pete for that matter!)?!? :thinking: :man_shrugging:


Like a decade ago, the Nike+ running app had a “power song” feature where it would play your designated song when you hit a button. I’ve wanted that feature back forever. It was great!


I don’t like changes. :frowning:


I dig it! :+1:t2:

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That’s gotta be a pretty simple app to put together. Well, for someone more code savvy than myself. In the immortal words of Leeroy Jenkins…let’s do this! :rooster:

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I actively fear change. Is this the same TrainerRoad? Did Nate sell the company???



But… looks faster than biking guy logo… I say embrace the free watts!!


Ironically, I just hand painted the old one on the deck of my rocker yesterday.


Much needed change but brand-wise the font for the full TrainerRoad mark needs to match an idea like this (it doesn’t). I can see it’s a play off of the current full TrainerRoad font (yet modified)…but it’s also basically just the Trainingpeaks logo in a different color.

  • As a logo junkie and amateur graphic artist, I disagree.

The TP logo is pure text, arranged normal or stagger stacked. It’s not styled more than that.

The new TR logo is actually blended text, the T overlapped on the R, and spaced to match positive and negative space on the verticals. The R is extended down, in similar proportion to the outer T, which adds balance and implies motion.

At least that is how I see the new TR logos actually designed, even though it is “simple”, and has more to it than the TP ones.


Maybe they should have added some swooshy lines behind the T to explicitly imply fast motion.

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I think a subset of us need to give the old logo a nickname and start a fan group to bring him back lol

I liked the old logo better. Hasn’t @Nate_Pearson learned that TR can’t make sweeping changes without first consulting the democratic user community for approval first :wink:.


TR Racer = Tracer?



Change is the only constant and I’m ok with my current gear becoming “classic” as of now.

But I’d be even happier if we get some gear with the new logo :wink:


That’s one of the great things about logo design, it’s subjective.

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This feels like the start of a plan to move behind targeting just cyclists, so maybe run / swim workout importation is just around the corner :thinking:


Ahs the new logo (I run branding agency) :slight_smile: good thing is that company logo does not matter at all. I even thought about giving my students an assignment to create some concepts of TR visual identity across brand touchpoints. This is my expertise :slight_smile: New logo is completely neutral and definitely it should not polarize :wink:

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