Successful Athlete Shirt Request - TrainerRoad Merch

TR people:

I love the brand enough to buy the shirt. I’d like to buy a “Successful Athlete” t-shirt with the TrainerRoad logo on it. And some bottles.

I know TR is a software company, but is there any plan for Merch?


Things can always change, but TR has previously stated they don’t plan to take on sales of any merchandise.

I would say that encouraging people to unlawfully use their copyrighted logo and trademark on their own forum is probably not a good move

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I handled this initially from a user flag. The comment was edited and returned.

So, in line with the great comment from @alex3627 and for absolute clarity…

  • The suggestion to reproduce any part of the TrainerRoad name, images and/or likenesses without their express written permission is an ethical mistake at the least, and likely illegal to top it off.


I’m kind of glad they won’t do it? ‘Successful athlete’? The weirdo factor would be about as strong as that of an Ironman tatoo on the calf.

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op here: the “successful athlete” was more about the podcast, not broadcasting to all that the wearer should be recognized as a “successful athlete”.


Ah, that changes things a bit - what misled me was perhaps that the podcast is called “Successful Athletes:wink: