TR T Shirts design - hard days hard

I think these would be cool. On the back it could say Easy days Easy or something. Whatcha think?



“Suffering is so 2019” - subtle dig at the sufferfest :wink:


Ahhhh. I was more riffing off a common @Nate_Pearson quote

I think ( could be wrong) the TR logo and name can’t be used, remember something similar proposed on Disaster t-shirts.

Correct, TR has not approved the use of their branding for production by outside persons.

However, we did get permission to use the profile of the Disaster workout in the t-shirts the last 2 seasons.


The T shirt was just an idea and could be fun for “Trainer Road Company” to make and sell. Just an idea. :slight_smile:

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Funny thing is “hard days hard, easy days easy” corresponds more to polarized training which contrasts TR more sweet spot driven approach :wink:


Trainer Road Company has addressed this a few times. Merchandise was determined to require attention that was otherwise valuable to the core mission.

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its a good line that I always remember, makes my decisions easy

Yep, line is good. As far as TR shirt is concerned here was another suggestion that was liked a lot:

It’s good for that internal vibe, but really doesn’t provide any intrigue with anyone outside of the TR community

“Let’s make this a reality” is pretty aloof

I’d make a play on this evolution shirt. Except somehow change it to Cat 5 to Cat 1. Maybe have @Nate_Pearson at one end of the evolution :grinning:

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I think its Cat 5 to Cat 2, I like that though. It resonates outside of TR community.

I know that, future planning.

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“Let me hit your sweet spot”

Great looking design. I will buy one if it gets approved…

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ooofff That would definitely not fly where I live. LOL

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As a designer with experience creating apparel and swag, and supporter of TrainerRoad, I’d be willing to donate my time to create swag (shirts, mugs, hats, etc.), manage the vendors to produce it (already have vendor relationships in place), deal with proofing and ordering, and coordinate the bulk deliveries. I would need TR support for the e-commerce side and order fulfillment (but even that can be outsourced). I’d be willing to to setup and create a TR-branded subdomain with Worpdress/Woocommerce, specifically as a merchandise store. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Honestly, I think swag would be a net zero investment (all costs recouped with sales), but with the significant added benefits of having hundreds of folks repping the brand all over the world. I’m sure the TR team has thought about this and discussed it.


I agree that some Trainer Road gear would be cool, but let’s respect the community branding as it stands.

I agree with you, but gotta remember this company is focused on engineering rather than marketing IMHO