New to TrainerRoad

New to the Trainer Road structured program. I’ve been an avid cyclist for the last few years but really have my sights to taking my cycling to the next level this year.
I’m trying to determine the proper training plan based on my goals for the year. 2 biggest races are a 100M in Late may and a 110M ride in Colorado (5,000 ft elevation change).
I’ve mixed in a few of the workouts and just recently completed my ramp test coming in at 212 Watts (3.46 Pwr/Wt). Need to increase power and climbing ability for the season to push to the next level. Appreciate any feedback or experience.

This seems like a decent direction:

  1. Sweet Spot Base 1 & 2
  2. Sustained Power Build
  3. Century Specialty

What volume would you recommend for sweet spot base? Living in the midwest the winter I get in 2 weekend rides and 1-2 during the week but the week rides are ~1hour.

It’s more important that you pick a volume plan that you could realistically follow and maintain than trying to do too much and failing. Consistency is key.

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I suggest starting with Low volume. If you find that you are capable of following that, add a workout or two each week. But these should be lower intensity, these can be taken from mid volume plans.

You will have most gains if you skip minimal amount of workouts.