Gran Fondo plan for offseason Ironman training

Basically the title, how does it sound?

I’m planning to have my first Ironman in August 2023 and I was thinking of doing a Gran Fondo plan for winter (I have my run and swim workouts outside of TR) and then switch to an Ironman training in march or April, any thoughts? Maybe I should just stick with Train Now?

I have to say that I have done time trial plans during the offseason a few previous years and I’m getting burnt out and injured around February - March so I’m thinking of taking it easier than usual this winter.


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Hi @minte0407

Anthony had a similar question on the IM Training thread:

I had almost the exact same question! I ended up adding a “fake” race in plan builder, allowing enough time out for me to get through SSB and General build the week before I start my IM training. When I get to that week I will add in the IM, and delete out the fake race, re-build the plan. It took a while to figure that all out, but looks like it should work well!