Using TR outdoors?

Anyone use a power meter and follow their TR plan while riding outdoors?

I do some of the endurance/tempo even some straight forward SST/threshold outside then just merge.

I was going to do an equivalent of Tallac+4 outdoors today, basically it is 6 x 15 minutes at 92% of threshold. I could have climbed my local hill 6 times for 15 minutes at similar watts and rolled down simulating the workout.

However had big week last week and somewhat fatigued, so did an easier ride with a buddy. :slight_smile:

Obviously, you can do some of the rides outside, however easier to follow the plan on a trainer.


If I have a weekend ride I have to be on, I will try to implement my TR workout into it. Just doesn’t work for over-unders! And if it’s a social ride, I will do a -1 or -2 version of the ride that was scheduled after the outdoor ride.

I prefer to keep the indoor rides indoors just to keep it super structured, and I’m done so much quicker.

Appreciate ur thoughts. I just get bored for over 1.5 hour rides. Was thinking about getting some vector pedals and doing some of the longer weekend workouts on the road as best I can.