SSBLV1 Results. Small gains

Hi everyone,

A little background story, I joined TR 6 weeks ago. I started zwifting in March and tested a 127w FTP. Covid-19 went bonkers and I rode indoor exclusively for a few months. Prior to joining TR, I was on zwift for about 8hrs/wk for 3 months and completed 6 weeks FTP builder on zwift right before joining TR. (FTP Gain: 127W -> 165W)

After that I decided to give TR a try because I love the podcast and I’ve heard good things about TR.

I tested a 153w FTP (12W drop from Zwift with no breaks) at the beginning of SSBLV1. I accepted it and diligently completed all workouts in SSBLV1. 100% compliant with no backpedalling or reducing of intensity and supplemented with 1x 3-4hrs of Z2/3 outdoor rides weekly. The workouts definitely felt challenging but not impossible to complete. To be honest, I felt strong during my outdoor rides, my muscular endurance is higher than before and I smashed almost all PB with lower heart rate. Begin a small guy, I feel that I’m also more resilient in the wind than before.

Today is the beginning of SSBLV2 and I tested a 154w FTP (1 watt increase). Like most people, I was expecting more because those sweetspot workouts were really challenging.

I was wondering if I did the ramp test poorly because I seriously felt good entering the test. Comparing it to first Ramp test, cadences were similar at a lower heart rate. Is this normal or is there anything else I should improve on? I’m sleeping and eating ok. Weight training to increase mass? Or will the results only come in build phase?

My end goal is finish with main pack in a road race.
Event profile: 140 - 160km with 1100m elevation.

My stats:
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Trainer: Wahoo Kickr Core
PM: Favero Assioma Duo


from a quick look you rode each day Thurs->Sun with 2 big outdoor rides on the Sat 2hr 30mins @ 224 TSS and 90 mins on the sunday, then straight into the Ramp Test Monday.

That could well be the issue, not sufficiently rested. Take Tues off and retest Wed if you can?? If you can do a ramp test in a group that may also help!!

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