New power meter -- how to clear all previous records

Hi, got a new powermeter and just finished my ramp test. I want all records in my personal records area to be removed.

I go to one of the workouts that have the old record, I click on the three dots, and I removed the personal record option. that is fine. the problem is that another previous workout appears as the new record! not exactly what I want.

how can I clear all this so that the Ramp test I did today is the new baseline?

It’s under the account tab, profile/reset carreer

I’ve never used it so can’t say if all your rides are deleted or just the TSS/power logs.
But i do think after resetting you’ll have to enter your FTP manually since today’s ramptest will be gone too. (under FTP history/add record)


Create a new season, today onwards.


got it… thank you!