Is there a way to delete a season or not include those numbers in PR's?

I used virtual power before I got a power meter. Those numbers were inflated significantly so now I never achieve any new PR’s indoor or outdoors. I am wondering if there is a way to delete that season or somehow not have those power numbers included in my history? Thanks!

If you edit your ride details you can uncheck “Personal Records” and that should do it.

I’d drop a TR support an email, they may be able to do this for you. If you’ve got over 100+ rides to “uncheck” I’m sure they can run batch command to do it on all “virtual power” workouts.

I had this when I first got a power meter proper. What I did was just go to power PRs and delete any rides that had set records, until there were only ‘legit’ records left. Personally, I rarely set PRs in the course of normal training, so it was just tests and a few Zwift races. If you’re setting loads of records with an inflated number it could be quite time consuming doing it my way though…