Reset career, why not just do a ramp test?

Hello, I am current using virtual power on my dumb fluid trainer. I am looking to get Left Right pedal power meters soon. Once I have them and use them on my bike while still on a fluid trainer, should I “reset career”? I see going from virtual to real power is a recommended situation to reset career and “get a clean data set”. However, what does this mean? I understand the power numbers between virtual power and real power cannot really be compared. When you reset power do you “lose” all of your old training data? Do you lose some data?
If I want to start new with a new FTP based on my new pedals, why don’t I just do a ramp test and move on, and not reset my career?
Thank you for any assistance you can provide and unless I am missing something I am surprised there are not more questions or a thread on this already.
Another happy TR user!

Is this in the faqs? I guess it could be so that your progression line isn’t affected? If so, an alternative would be to complete a ramp test and then go back through your ftp history changing the virtual number to a number calculated from your new ftp.

There where no “Reset career” function when I moved from virtual power to a smart trainer. As the smart trainer gave me more conservative “W” than the virtual power I was never able to set new records, or compare power curves from All-time etc.
I had to go back and unhook “personal records” in all the old workouts. I am guessing the reset carreer thing is just that.

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This. :ok_hand:t3:

Is there any way to reset my career to a specific point, ie reset it to the start of SSB1 this year. Or do I need to go into every individual ride before this date and remove from my personal records.

Not sure what you are looking to achieve, but could the “seasons” functionality be a workaround?

If you are in a season you get season PRs as well as any career PRs, as appropriate:

I got 9 career bests yesterday, and 106 for the current season


Should have reset my career when starting using my kickr and real power but didnt, thus the specific date question. The seasons work around seems a great idea or alternatively I may just reset career before the start of my general build that starts next week.
Many thanks for the reply.

I didn’t reset, I just use seasons to see everything post using the Kickr as a power source versus my crank based power meter. Aesthetically I miss the 7-10% watts extra the Kickr gave me, but now happy to be using a real PM so the numbers align perfectly to my road/CX bikes.

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Yes, just.use the Seasons tool for best results.