App update 24 March 2021

My iPad downloaded a new version of TrainerRoad on 24 March 2021. I have an overall positive impression about the stability of this update, even though it does seem to be rather slow in menu navigation. Based upon my immediate impression I though these delays would translate into bugginess and/or crashes, but I haven’t seen that yet after 3 workouts.

However - I find the layout makes poor use of screen space. Scrolling thru workouts and selecting 1 brings up a kind of silly 1/3 of screen that takes a long time to load and sweeps in from the right with a rather cramped appearance. I liked the old layout where the workout selected would occupy the full screen. It also blew out my favorites, which I have been adding for 1.5 years. Within a running workout, the chart is smaller and less visually appealing, for what seems like no good reason; they didn’t use the extra space to add information, from what I can see. The p.2 view (numbers view) is clunky and unbalanced to my eye, with 4 metrics on 1 row and 3 on another. There is one added metric (Interval cadence). Another annoyance, to me, they use abbreviations what the whole word would fit. I dislike abbreviations unless they are absolutely necessary spacewise, which is not the case here because font sizes are substantially smaller.

Maybe I’ll get used to it but I really don’t find it visually appealing at this point. Design-wise, I find that it’s a regression.


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