TrainerRoad App Quality

Hi All,

I don’t want to throw shade as I love TR and all they do but has anyone noticed a decrease in App quality recently. A couple of times it’s taken an age for it to load different screens, just now it didn’t save the response to my workout and previously I’ve been unable to save notes after a workout so I had to copy the notes on my phone to my computer, log in on the website and add the notes there instead.

I just seems lots of little things and I wondered if anyone else has noticed it?

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I did have some similar problems at the start of this year. It turned out to be a hardware problem. New tablet and everything was working again. If it was the TR App that had become too complicated for my, rater, old tablet, or the general App activity that slowed everything down I don´t know.

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Hey there @webbierrex,

Thanks for the heads-up, and sorry to hear that things have been a bit off lately. :slightly_frowning_face:

There is a ton of information about this on the App running slow thread. We’re addressing this issue currently with improvements we’ve made to our Android Beta App, which should help to speed things up quite a bit. To get access to the Beta app, you’ll first need to follow the link below.

From there, you can select Android and enter your email address. We’ll then send you further directions as to how to find the Beta app in the Google Play Store.

If anyone has basic questions about our Beta Programs, you can check out our FAQs Support article below, and as always, feel free to reach out to for more assistance.


No issues on iPhone 13 or iPad Air.

The issue is on Android not ios.

It’s a lemon on my older ipad mini - on my brand new iphone it’s like a Ferrari. I find it depends on what device is being used.

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I’ve had some issues lately with very slow loading and even a recent crash, on IPhone.