New gear, new test?

I’m upgrading my indoor setup from my Stages left crank power meter and 15+ year old wheel on trainer to an Elite Suito direct drive trainer. With the change in power meter, should I retest my power? If it makes a difference, I’m on week 4 of SSB1LV.

Absolutely re-test. Every PM/Trainer is different. The difference between the two devices doesn’t really matter unless you are switching back and forth. What does matter is getting the FTP correct for the workouts.


retest with any new power meter

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yes, you changed setup and introduced a new variable which will make the math wonky so “re zero” FTP with the new setup and proceed…

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Also consider making seasons that parallel the timing of your equipment changes. It is likely that there will be a difference, and it can make tracking for improvements more tricky because of those equipment changes. Seasons help keep you on track and informed based on your new equipment.


You could run your stages and the new trainer at the same tone to see just what the difference is.

just upgraded to the elite suito as well recently. Vector 2 powermeter with powermatch. highly recommend a re-test. previous trainer was a wahoo kickr 2014. the suito’s ability to maintain watts and bump power to VO2 levels are pretty darn good. what this means is that the intervals kicks you like a mule if you’re not used to it.

I was doing SSBLV in week 3. finished 1 or two sweetspot workouts but could not finish the VO2 workouts. had to restart the plan but it still feels 2 - 3 watts harder than the previous trainer. same FTP as the wahoo kickr 2014 but its much more difficult.

even though power match takes care of consistency, how the trainer maintains the fluctuations makes it feel harder.

if you’re coming from a fluid based trainer, thats a big change.

hope it helps.

Yes, definitely. And you should also create a new season so that your power PRs with the old power meter count separately.

@mtbandy as you’ve probably gathered from above, yes a retest would be recommended in any case. Are you continuing to use the Stages with powermatch hopefully you won’t see a massive change but I think with a DD turbo there’s more opportunity to freewheel (as oppose to a wheel on) and those micro breaks may change the FTP reading. There’s also the possibility that the wheel on trainer was slipping.

I would use the stages/power match as above but if you’re using the Suito’s estimation it could be massively different power wise.

Enjoy your new toy :+1:

Thanks for all the tips. On Monday I did my usual workout using powermatch. Last night I retested and disabled powermatch. For curiosity sake, I recorded data from my Stages with my Garmin Edge 530 and from my Elite on on iPad with Trainerroad app. The Stages powermeter was 13w higher than the Elite estimation.

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Different power meter for me but I found at higher cadences the Suito would be slow to catch up and would read similarly 10w+ low compared to the pm.