FTP drop with new equipment. Retest to confirm or keep going?


I’ve just completed SSB1 and started out with an FTP of 215 going in. At the start of SSB2 I’ve re-tested my FTP and came up at 203 which is about 6% lower.


  • I’ve also changed equipment shortly after starting SSB1 from a lower end Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer to a Tacx Neo 2T (which should be more accurate).
  • I noticed I bailed out earlier (in minutes) in this latest FTP test than in any previous tests on the Vortex.
  • I had no real difficulty completing SSB1 and my HR seemed to be in the zone (a bit on the high end) for SS work

Did my vortex over-report power? Am I just fatigued (was a bit ill the past two days) and bailed out too early on my ramp test this time?

I’m aware all of this makes it complicated so I’m hoping some community experience can help me out. What options would you reccomend?:

  • Keep my old FTP going into SSB2 without retesting
  • Re-take the ramp test in a few days
  • Keep the new FTP and only retest in a few weeks

Thanks for your advice:

you should always retest, when you change the equipment you will be using to determine power.

  • Yes, most likely the Vortex values are inflated. This is based on the majority of Vortex users I have seen add a power meter or switch to a more accurate smart trainer.
  • We can’t really answer that.
  • Probably this option, UNLESS you really feel you underperformed in the test and left something on the table. That is NOT looking at the FTP and not liking a “drop”. It IS thinking about your full effort and any potential negative influences prior to, or during the test.

You should have retested immediately when you change equipment. As of now, you have a test with that new equipment and can use it to move forward.

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Thank you Chad for the insights!

It wasn’t very smart of me not to re-test when changing equipment and I do admit it does not feel nice to have “dropped” in FTP after those first few weeks, but I’ll deal with it and see where we end up at the end of SSB2.

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Your FTP didn’t drop, just your measurement of FTP. Retest and move forward. The old values at this point are not really of any value to you other than nostalgia but you can feel great about the accuracy of your FTP moving forward. Don’t let it bother you!


This reminds me. Make sure to make a new Season set at the time you swapped trainers. This will give you a new start with the new trainer, that as mentioned, is like changing tape measures (one being more accurate than the other).


I agree with the other posters - also do not forget that SSB2 gets more challenging than SSB1 - I would use your current test (with the new equipment).