New FTP New Progression Levels

Am I the only one who gets really bummed out when progression Levels go down after an FTP change :sob::woman_facepalming:t2:
Seems so unfair to lose 2.0 progression level for a measly 4w ftp increase

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I had a 9 watt increase after testing, trained for three weeks improving most PL’s upwards, then manually adjusted up 1 watt for symmetry and a few of my PL’s nosedived, :joy:

I’m kind of bummed that after I completed 23 out of 25 intervals on a PL 4.1 Anaerobic workout that my Anaerobic PL stays at 1.0, I couldn’t even warrant a 2.0 or something? Earlier in the year I completed 85% of the intervals on a PL 6.4 Sprint workout and got…1.0 for my Sprint PL :hot_face: Not even a 1.5 for getting close? Guess that only counts in horseshoes!

It’s known that your legs forget everything you did, if you don’t complete the workout :wink:


This link may help.

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An FTP rise makes you faster than a PL rise. If the PL drop seems to much, just find a different workout. If you complete it, your PL will shoot right up. :+1:

More info here under FAQ’s and ‘Why did my Progression Levels Change’ > ‘FTP Increase’

If you think something is amiss though and the drop was too severe, best protocol is to check in with so they can take a look.
Keep in mind though, those Progression Levels are just speaking to where you’re at, dont put too much weight into those numbers! Easier said than done though, right?! :wink:

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Easy way to solve that. Just do the next hardest workout your progression would have been and your progression level is back.

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Me, this AM when Pettit shows up in my calendar as a “stretch” workout after a full season of training and hitting all-time highs in FTP and W/Kg.



its like a video game. You level up and need to work yourself to the next level… If they dont do this, the level would go to 100, and thats kid of silly…isn’t?


Oh yeah…I get how Progression levels work and I make it worse since so many of my rides are outdoors now. I just thought it was funny that Pettit came up as a “Stretch” workout at this point in my training for the year.

I’m pretty sure I am gonna be able to handle it with no issues. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My progression levels are dropping faster than British pound :sob:


Regression levels :joy: