Manually Updated FTP progression levels

So yesterday I updated my FTP manually because of an ftp test I did outside of TR. My progression levels all dropped as expected however my scheduled workouts did not adapt! So my next workout (today) is a 5.9 breakthrough SS but my progression level is only 1.5 for SS work! What gives? Just wants me to fail?

Thanks for any insight!

Honestly if you can’t do a 5.9 level at your new ftp then it might be too high. A couple of months back I manually updated my ftp and my levels dropped by 0.6 but I essentially continued on the same progression level path I had prior to the ftp change. I know this isn’t a TR approved answer, i just have developed certain feelings regarding minimum standards for different areas with a correct ftp


If your progressions levels dropped, but future workouts did not adapt I would reach out to support. Have then take a look -


Thanks for the reply, when I updated my ftp the SS progression level dropped from 4.4 to 1.5. It’s likely the upcoming SS workout was already to much of a jump from my 4.4 progression level! Now it’s unattainable in my opinion. I’m sure my ftp isn’t to high! Completed it twice with same result.

Completed twice, you mean didn’t complete the workout because it was too hard?

Completed two FTP tests to verify it was correct. The workout is scheduled for today.

Give it a try then, you may be surprised at how well you do. With a properly set ftp workouts in the 5 level should be super doable. What workout is it?


3x12 should be pretty easy, in my opinion. I would do it

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Try logging on the web sometimes that initiates the adaptations.


Interesting enough it just updated and kept tge same workout but reduced the progression level from 5.9 to 4.5! :man_shrugging:

More info here under FAQ’s and ‘Why did my Progression Levels Change’ > ‘FTP Increase’

If you think something is amiss though and the drop was too severe, best protocol is to check in with so they can take a look.
Keep in mind though, those Progression Levels are just speaking to where you’re at, dont put too much weight into those numbers! Easier said than done though, right?! :wink:

Thanks @IvyAudrain

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Just do the workout, it’s an easy workout. If you fail you know your FTP is off or it was too hard for a given day, if you do this - you will progress as you should. I personally do not use the levels as any guide for anything but I see many people care too much about them. If they change, they change. If you decided AT is a solution for you just go with it. In the worst possible scenario you will fail the workout and AT will adapt accordingly.

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Ok I finished the workout! @ a 4.5 progression level but my career progression still shows 1.5! What gives with that @IvyAudrain ?

I answered as a very hard workout so now it wants to adapt me down! It was hard-very hard but I was able to finish string so I may just refuse the adaptation and see where this goes! :man_shrugging:

Easy is relative’

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I have meant “easy” in relative terms. Basically if you have problem to finish that workout, something is off and issue is deeper than tr levels.

Best protocol for specifics on AT and your Progression Levels is always to check in with the support team.
They have the best visibility to the full scope of your workouts, FTP changes, adaptations, Progression Levels, and why AT may be behaving the way it is (or fix it if something is amiss!).

Feel free to write so they can provide some insight!