Change in Progression Levels

Hi, I recently updated my FTP from 193 to 223 and noticed that the progression level bar graph changed in the Career section back to 1.0 for all levels. Why doesn’t it keep the original progressions which varied through Endurance to Sprint? Thanks for your help.

Thanks Pirate, I thought that was the case. Regarding the increase in FTP it was at my first Crit race where TrainingPeaks said I had set a new FTP of 223 (previously 193 on a TR FTP test). So am I right in increasing the FTP in TR off a real race where I set a new FTP in those conditions or should I only increase the FTP on the same ramp test? Interested in your thought. Regards Adam.

TBH I think its a big jump in Power too in a pretty short span of time after my ramp test and we all know that indoor trainer workouts are harder than road/outdoor sessions so might see how I go on future workouts with the new FTP first before changing it back. Thanks for your input.

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The FTP setting determines the Watt level of the intervals, while the PL roughly determines the length of the intervals and rest in between.

As you progress you need to incur more training stress, PL goes up meaning longer intervals at the same level. Then when the FTP goes up, you can afford to reduce the length of the intervals again as you are already exposed to increased stress from higher Watt level.

It is all about progressing slowly making it harder little by little.


More info here under FAQ’s and ‘Why did my Progression Levels Change’ > ‘FTP Increase’


I had a similar experience: On my first A-race, I blew my FTP out of the water, and continued seeing the trend in subsequent B and C races. I struggled to interpret that for a long time, but here’s what I’ve concluded:

  1. My Quark power meter reads a tad higher than the power reading in TR as taken from my KICKR Core. Prior to this race, I was using a bike w/o power for indoor training. Now I use the same power-equipped bike for indoor training as I do for racing and take power directly from it’s PM.

  2. On a real bike, moving through real air, most people can generate a little bit more power than on a stationary trainer.

The question remains, Is there a known difference between TrainingPeaks’ measurements and TR’s measurements? Hard to say. I’d recommend trying some TR workouts at your race-day FTP and see if you can get your progression levels climbing again. If so, it’s as accurate a training benchmark as anything.

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How stochastic was this effort? If it was basically a series of on / off, then definitely don’t use it. If it was more of a time trial type effort, then pick a 2x20 or 3x20 sweet spot workout, and see how that feels with the higher FTP. If it feels right, use it. If you can’t complete the workout, then drop back down to your old FTP, or better, do a new ramp test.

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Hi, thanks for your comment. The more I think about it the more I believe the increase in FTP from a Crit race which was not a constant effort is not an accurate reflection. Despite what TP says, I would rather do another FTP test to see if I have improved to 223 from 193.

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Great advice, thanks. I’ve decided to another FTP test to see where I land between 193 - 223.