See what made your Progression Level change!

We released an update on Friday that lets you see what made your Progression Level change.

This is on your career page on the website. Just hover over the bar and you’ll see what was the last thing that impacted the progression level.

This will also show decreases that were caused by not training. I’m still taking a break since Cape Epic and you can see that I have a chart with low levels…but it tells me why it’s so low. :smiley:


I went from 1 to 4.7 vo2 with this one simple workout lol Of course I’m sure it’s not really that due to it being a custom workout but I’ll take it and if I die I die lol

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This is VERY useful information
tell you exactly why it is going up or down!
(in my case, inactivity at certain levels)

Cool stuff!

(Now comes the people who will dislike this)


If you were inactive on certain zones, and then suddenly do a massive wo on that zone, it will jump a lot!
happened to me from endurance to threshold after a solid wo…

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Yeah, but I don’t think a single 5min effort at 110% is really a 4.7 level workout, its a bug in the custom workout creation not really giving correct levels. Not sweating it either way!

Oh yeah…
that thing…
I find the system has improve on rating the wo… I think there is still room for improvement.

Sorry to hijack with my sidebar, as always a neat little feature that I’m sure folks will enjoy!

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It looks good. I tested on a mobile browser on iOS.

I have a minor issue to report. The webpage shows up in french but the tooltip shows up in english.


Thank you. I’ve reported this and they are going to get it fixed.


This is very nice! I do have one question / suggestion. On my endurance PL bar the tooltip reads:

“Two weeks of inactivity resulted in depreciated fitness on Sat, Feb 05 2022. Endurance 4.5 → 3.6”

This drop kind of makes sense; the last two endurance workouts AT had me complete were Muir (3.3) on 2/2 and Lazy Mountain (1.2). But I haven’t been inactive – maybe there’s a better way to word it? Inactive makes me think TR isn’t acknowledging that I have done endurance work in the past two weeks.

So proud of my recent increase

I really feel like i’m making progress




Ugh, I’m struggling to find something to complain about regarding this new feature…


Based on the feedback on this thread so far, this might be the one recent change that most people will like and will not complain about!

kudos to all!

Can’t we at least get it broken down by topic?

So my memes and jokes progression should have gone up once I posted assimiNated, but I still need to work on my nutrition thread?

My ‘post has been sorted by Chad’ score has made some good gains recently…


Great suggestion. Working on this as we speak.


So this means when you do something called “sweet spot base 2 mid volume” and you always replace Sunday sweet spot with long endurance ride, your sweet spot progression level will decrease to 1.0 because of not doing sweet spot at all during sweet spot base? :smiley:

I think I’ve found how to improve my sprinting


Another five months and I’ll be a ten! :rofl: :rofl:



Awesome addition. Question before i reach out to support: today I did a 1:30 recovery ride, and for some reason doing this dropped my Endurance, Temp, and Sweet Spot PLs (see below screenshot showing this for Sweet Spot). Is this expected behavior? Or is this because I’m not following a plan, and AT is confused? Or is this a bug / issue that I should report to support?

I am not sure, I will report this to the team now.