Progression Levels won't update after a new FTP


I was wondering why the progression levels won’t update, meaning to be reset back to 1, after receiving a new FTP from a Ramp test? Aren’t these associated with a unique FTP to show how well they are developed within each zone for that FTP number? I don’t see a reason to have global progression levels when we have FTP to benchmark each point in the performance scale, maybe I am missing something here.

  • Amir

It might be best if you email so they can review your situation.


Hey, Amir!

If your FTP doesn’t change by a significant amount, (ie only a few watts like I’m showing yours did after your latest Ramp Test), there wouldn’t be a need for your Progression Levels to change drastically.
Your PLs will trend downwards after an FTP increase, but wont reset to 1.0 if its a minor FTP change. :sunglasses:


Thanks, @IvyAudrain. how do we define a significant amount here? Asking that so I get a better picture.

That totally depends upon the athlete in particular, what their change is in relative to the their FTP history, the scope of their training and time off, etc.

The important thing to keep in mind, again, is that Progression Levels are simply a reflection of your current fitness, not a guiding metric that determines the difficulty of your workouts or your adaptations. Meaning: don’t put too much weight in those numbers or in trying to manipulate them, AT is doing the work for you when you use Plan Builder and select your chosen discipline/event timeline to make sure all the boxes you need to check get assigned to you in your workouts!

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