New FTP doesnt feel right

Hey guys, I know you should focus that much on a number, especially since you can modify the workout intensity on the spot… But it kills me since this is the second time my outcome on the FTP test doesnt feel right at all compared to what I’ve been doing. Last time I blame being to tired so I just start doing my workouts with a 6%-10% increment depending on how I was feeling… Doing the workouts with those increments and really nailing the zwift races I’ve doing the last 20 days I was hopping for a new big increment on my FTP… I did it on saturday just find it gave a whooping … 2W, going from 246 to 248… So it got me thinking, maybe i´m not doing something right on the ramp test, maybe that test is not suitable for me for some reason and I just wanna know what the people in TR think about all this.

Also yesterday I did the TFA stage 4 on zwift wich was going up the alpe and I did 260W average on the way up and it took me 53min… So my logic is that there is no way to hold 260W for +50min while your FTP is 248… Right? I know is just a number, but heyy is the number that every work out would be base on, so I want it to be something that feels right and I just dont know what to do…

BTW I have also been losing weight since my main focus during the quarantine was getting fitter/faster… So since March 20 i have lost 5kg (75kg to 70kg).

How are you getting your ftp? Do a 20 minute test instead of a ramp.

Also Zwift should’ve said an updated ftp using 95% of your best 20. It usually over estimates unless you use a proper protocol to clear, but it should have told you, if you beat 248.

I’m assuming you used the TR Ramp Test to estimate your FTP. So first, ramp tests do just that, they estimate your FTP. It does this based on what is commonly called your Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP). Through their testing and data they found that most people’s FTP falls at about 74% of their MAP, However, every athlete is different and you may have an FTP that is closer to your VO2max than most people. In that case you might test low on a ramp type test.

The key to FTP testing is to find a protocol that you find repeatable and accurate. If you repeatedly find that the ramp test underestimates your FTP then maybe find a new one like the 8 min test, the 20 min test, or Kolie Moore’s FTP tests.

How do your workouts feel at the 248 FTP? If they feel too easy and the zwift effort was steady and it felt like a capacitive effort then I would probably go with ~260 as my new FTP.

how many zwift races having you been doing per week?

Some people don’t test well for the Ramp Test, especially if there strengths are Endurance vs. Anaerobic power.

If you went 260w for nearly an hour up the Alpe, I would say that is a pretty good proxy for your FTP. I’d set your FTP to 255-260w for a week and see how your workouts go. You can then adjust down if you are struggling to get through your workouts.

Yes this was my 4th FTP… the first two felt right after finishing them and in the workouts after, then the third and 4th ones are the one I talked about… I liked the ramp test because of the simplicity of it and how little you suffer compared to a 20min test… But I guess I have to tried the other methods to check what feels right.

Im usually doing a race or event every 5 days or so… I also use zwift as a distraction while doing using TR to do the training… Best of both worlds in my opinion.

I’d be interested to read more on this if you have any references.

I don’t know of any studies that detail it, but there is certainly plenty of anecdotal evidence about people testing better in some protocols than others. There are a few threads on the forum about it…

Sorry I don’t have anything more specific.

Not disagreeing, but those races are really intense and doing them potentially multiple times a week needs to be factored into your training. It could be the intensity is having an effect on your ramp test.

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