New Features in the 2018.50.0 Release!

I’m having dropout issues too running windows 10…

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It just seems to be one issue after another. I’m going back to Zwift.

Worked a treat for me today; commencing ride from the calendar, and not a single power drop out in 2h15m of riding.

I’m using the iOS app.

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For some reason, this isn’t showing up in the latest Windows beta version 2018.52. I thought the beta had every feature in the “stable” version, plus more.

Sorry to hear about your problems, that is really frustrating as I had some weird issues in Zwift a year ago, and then in TR, and it turned out to be light interfering with the Kickr’s optical sensor. Not your issue, just saying I understand the frustration.

Ignoring my issue above, I’ve been using TrainerRoad for a year on iPhone without a problem. Usually have TR app running on iPhone 7 and connected to:

  • Kickr 2017 (direct drive)
  • Wahoo TickrX heart rate monitor
  • Stages power meter for either cadence only, or power+cadence

And about 50% of the time I stop after 10 minutes and do a zero reset / calibration. Never had a problem with TR’s iPhone app.

There has been a Bluetooth issue, because Bluetooth devices only pair with one app or device at a time. If Wahoo Fitness app is running in background, and I previously added Wahoo HRM as a sensor to Wahoo app, then Wahoo app will grab HRM before I launch another app like Zwift or TrainerRoad app. The solution is to never leave that HRM as a paired sensor in the Wahoo app. Force quitting the Wahoo app also helps, but I don’t want to remember that when starting a workout.

Again, sorry to hear about your problems. Sounds like something weird is going on, maybe a corrupt app install?


@Pete can confirm, but as far as I know, there were 0 changes to device code. I’d check the normal environment things; distance, batteries, wifi/microwave interference.

FWIW I tried getting setup with the desktop app a couple weeks ago on Bluetooth and ANT. Pairing and getting consistent results was difficult to impossible. Added USB extension to reduce the range… no dice. Just went back to iPhone and have had zero issues.

Just started with the latest release. I did a short ride on Road Grand Tours and everything worked fine. Is there a way to roll back to the previous release to see if the dropouts continue?

I had loads of drop outs yesterday until I discovered the power cord to my trainer had become partially dislodged. Plugged it back in properly and all was good!


My Kickr 2017 has that same problem with power cord plugging into the power brick! My habit is to grab brick/power cords, plug into Kickr, and double-check that the electrical cord is firmly plugged into the brick/transformer.

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Same setup with TR and Zwift and 3 short dropouts for 2-3 seconds, then TR workout continued. Neo was connected to zwift as simple power source via bluetooth by Zwift Mobile App on phone.

@Pete It’s no big deal for me, just to let you know. But I’m not sure if it’s TR…guess it could be Zwift trying to get the complete FE-C connection and/or the Neo having some short connection evaluation in this scenario…

There’s no way to go back.

I checked your rides and it looks like you have your trainer paired with both ANT and BT. Same thing with your Rhythm HR monitor.

Try this:

  • Unpair your Kickr and HR from both ANT and BT.
  • Pair the kickr and HR monitor only to BT (There’s a little icon that shows it)

Looking at your history you’ve had some dropouts on and off for a while.


Thanks Nate…will try that. I hadn’t noticed any drop outs until this week…would it be better to run the trainer BT and everything else ANT?

Run everything you can on BT.

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Isn’t it easier to use two devices - one for TR and one for entertainment? A cheap Android phone should serve you perfectly well for TR.
I use my everyday Android for TR and a cheap Android tablet for entertainment - no issues ever.

I’ve been having dropouts with the rhythm 24 but none with the trainer that I recall…I just got the hr at christmas…never had a problem with the scosche…wonder if its an issue with that?

Maybe, I would replace the battery, maybe it was shipped with a bad one.

Its rechargeable.

It’s rechargeable.

I have the original Rhythm, and every now and then it just gets flakey: reports no heart rate, locks onto my cadence for heart rate, etc. When that happens, the only solution is to turn it off, turn it back on, and try to slightly move its position on my arm.

This is a great idea! Until now, I’ve just shortened the Netflix/YouTube video and left the trainerroad minimized at the bottom. Putting TR at the top is much better. -Jim

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