New Feature - TrainNow

Landed on my iOS device today (beta). This looks awesome, thank you!


Same with me. Not exactly Artificial Intelligence. However it appears to have been superseded a bit by the recent announcement.

So is Trainnow using the Adaptive Learning functionality today on Win10 Beta, even if you aren’t on the closed beta for Adaptive Learning?

That is correct!!


Just watching the recording of the podcast - very exciting!. So although I can’t see the level of a recommended workout for say climbing, if i knock that off okay, it will recommend a higher level next time? But if i want to switch from say Progressive to Stretch, i will need to wait to be added to Beta?

Almost all of TrainNow’s recommendations are in the “Productive” range relative to your Progression Level in that zone. By design, it’s a quick and simple way to choose a reliably challenging but not over-challenging workout. Remember though that TrainNow doesn’t consider periodization, so it doesn’t replace a training plan’s ability to tell you to take an easy day or a rest week. If you’re following a training plan and it’s a rest day, you’ll still see productive workout recommendations in all 3 categories. This is why it’s not a replacement for a training plan, but it’s an awesome way to supplement unstructured riding as you go.


Very interesting.
I was playing around with Train Now on Wed after deliberately overloading my training intensity. The suggested workouts were definately more scary looking than the following mornings suggestions. :thinking:

Great work on the feature updates TR crew. I can’t wait to try them out once rolled out. :partying_face:


I’m doing Low Vol “+”. Which means I follow the plan but I add a day or two of Z2. But those are unstructured. I feel like this feature would not only recommend a good workout say for endurance but also count as structured workout and the new Adaptive AI would take that into consideration. Since right now unstructured workouts are not counted.

Sound right?

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As far as I know, if you Load the ride to TrainerRoad And you have at least heart rate data uploaded. It will count in the grand scheme of things. In the podcast they explain this in detail and also mention having heart rate and power data is the best but if you only have heart rate that works too. But you have to make sure you load it to trainerroad so they can have it in their system

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Your comment is very useful @SeanHurley. I am really worried (as many among us probably are) that AT will not save us from overtraining since it will not understand that we should rest in order to stay productive.

In other words, I am worried about you classifying a workout in one of your categories (achievable to breakthrough) while instead what I would want is to know what I should be doing now in order to stay productive. By “doing” I also include taking a rest day.

Also I want to be able to project myself in the future and see if I will be able to achieve my goals given that (for example) I will not be able to train for 5 days. What will happen if instead of my plan’s recommendation I choose to ride with a friend.

I guess your histogram on the zones and the decay should provide some reassurance but I have not seen anywhere something on my “fatigue” and “productivity”.

Other than that I think that you are really on the right direction, but since many of us are burnt more than once by following to the letter TR I wonder how useful TR will be with AT.

@Nate_Pearson @Pete Hi there, I am wondering if in a later release “Train Now” will be available from the calendar and not from “Workout”. For the user it is one more tap and from my point of view counter intuitive, I was taping on the calendar, taping on workout and was not seeing “Train Now” I had to go to “Workout” from / in the menu.



Hey there, most of what you described sounds like a perfect application for a training plan! Adaptive Training with a training plan is exceptionally good at making sure you don’t go over your limits, and as we add the capabilities for it to recognize and respond to unstructured rides, it’ll get even better at this. TrainNow is more intended for self-coached riders or folks who feel like adding a structured workout to supplement their riding while not following a plan. For instance, during warmer months I personally tend to fall off my plan in favor of lots of aimless outside riding, and then struggle with workouts when I try to resume my plan after a few weeks of non-compliance. For me, TrainNow will be perfect, because when I randomly hop on the trainer, I’ll be able to pick a perfect workout for my actual capacities, not the ones I would have had if I’d been following my plan dilligently. Between training plans with AT and the flexibility of TrainNow, we will have all bases covered, but in the end if you want to ignore it and ride hard every day, that’s still an option too :man_shrugging: we just don’t recommend it!


I am excited for TrainNow as I will be a first time dad in April and I based on what I have heard finding time & energy to train will be difficult. To know that I can pick a amount of time and be immediately given 3 types of rides that will suit me well is really nice.

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@larskoelle There will be a lot more integration of TrainNow in the app and we definitely agree that we want a very short path to get you to the right workout.


So I have a question for clarity…I have a plan…TR plan that was tweaked by me to remove the easiest day and some other adjustments to increase some days time. Currently if I go hit TrainNow on my off day…I have three options…one is an easy endurance ride…the other two are harder rides that would make my next days scheduled harder ride a lot harder… Is Trainnow…really working yet or is this too early for me to make this comment. Or Trainnow knows I am stronger then I think I am?

TrainNow will give the same suggestions whether or not you’re on a training plan, and no matter where you are in your training plan. So those endurance, climbing, and attacking rides it recommends are all appropriate to your Progression Levels in the respective zones, but do not take into account rest days or the upcoming days’ scheduled training. If you’re on a training plan, defer to your plan’s recommended workouts. TrainNow is intended for athletes not on a plan or those who like to occasionally choose structured workouts, and is not meant to replace a training plan’s periodization (the rhythm of train/rest/repeat).


Does it take into account your historical non TR rides/workouts such as zwift, xert, outside rides etc? If it doesn’t what use is it?

Not yet, but it will soon, once we add the capability for Adaptive Training to recognize and classify every workout, structured or not!


When will that be please?

It’s one of our top development priorities right now, so as soon as we can.