New Feature - TrainNow

So pumped for this. Life is getting crazier so planning to step down from a MV to a LV plan to allow for “life stuff” to happen. Was prepping up a huge list of favorites to fill in the days that I have the extra time to fill in TSS. This will be an amazing help in getting variety in for my TSS fillers.

Are there any suggestions on how to avoid over-doing adding in some higher intensity workouts for variety’s sake? Like if I did a LV plan and wanted to get some extra sweet spots workouts in when I had the time. Would that be detrimental to my performance? Any ways to measure this on a week basis with a “time in zones” feature?

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If you look at the Sunday rides on mid volume plan you’ll see sweet spot workouts range from 60-75 minutes,(in the zone)and range from short intervals to longer ones. I would personally only add extra endurance zone 2 or less rides.
I’m on the same boat as you and have just been adding z2 rides and if I feel spicy I’ll do some sweet spot segments on a Sunday ride. Keeping the time under tension ( in sweet spot zone) less than 60 minutes. I usually pick a couple Strava segments and hold 88-94% ftp, to me it keeps riding fun.

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It seems to me that Trainerroad has been offering all of us Dicks.


The first thing that came to my mind was xert. they recommend several alternatives for your workout on a given day.


Also how SF organises their workouts — climbing, attacking, etc.


Interesting I don’t have this in my Mac OS app, and it’s the latest version.

It’s available on the latest Mac OS beta version–are you running the latest beta version or the latest production version?

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Thanks for that. I have the Mobile beta but I don’t run workouts in it, will hold off on the desktop beta though especially since I JUST got the auto update issue I had fixed


yesterday, there was Hesperus on my plan:

i tried to look, if i get a different workout with TrainNow, but no results for workouts with 150 minutes:

only with 120 minutes i got one:

is my training load too high because Train Now not find any replacement workouts or is that a mistake?

Did you do any 2+ hrs workouts in the past weeks?

Train now is only ok for 60-90 min, for 2h it recommends me the same one workout over and over - the same that for you.

yes, the 2 weeks before, a 150min workout on Sunday, also Hesperus

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interesting, possibly not yet optimal in this area, but would certainly be interesting for TR outdoor rides in the future!

Are you following the traditional base plan? Trainnow as per 99% of TR is probably setup to follow and recommend the workouts in their SS plans :laughing:

Mine isnt. Shows me a good variety of workouts. Granted the Endurance ones are all a bit the same, but you know theres only so much difference you can make there. But the other options have given me workouts I would never have chosen myself. Mine also doesnt show me anything good for the 2 hour version, but I am guessing that is because it looks at your past workouts and I havent done a 2 hour trainer ride in a very long time (far too many more interesting things for me to do than sit on the trainer for 2 hours).

In other news this has come along at the perfect time for me because I have an enforced training break in June (second child incoming) and I am really looking forward to being able to just open up the app when I have a moment and have a couple of choices presented to me.

ohh, good to know, my more or less last week of base 3, now last recovery week started today :joy:

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it looks like TrainNow works differently on the WIN10 Beta than on the Android Beta, on WIN10 Beta I get 2 suggestions for 150 minutes for today, but no suggestions on the Android Beta!

WIN10 Beta:

Android Beta:

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Thats strange. You’d definitely think consistency was important.

Last time I checked, IT platform wasn’t a typical training metric. Maybe this big data stuff has shown that it’s more important than we all thought.

Rather than polarized vs Sweet Spot - it’s actually Windows vs Android…