When are the new updates coming?

Some mention has been made on the Podcasts about new updates to the apps. When are these coming through? Another thread on this forum had a screenshot of an “Advanced Plan Builder”… What’s That??

I don’t think TR have ever given a definitive roadmap of what new features are being added or when to expect them. They drop hints in the podcasts, and there’s certainly plenty of speculation/guessing on here, but you won’t know for sure until the feature is actually ready and launched at which point you can be sure they’ll tell you.

It was me proposing a solution that would solve many TR ready made plans problems. There is no official solution from TR in this aspect.


Yeah, I saw that screenshot the other day, it’s not on the beta app…so not too sure?

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It was a mock up done by a user.


Oh, got it. Lol! I was believing it!

One new feature is in the desktop beta apps now - TrainNow

Unless this takes into consideration your current freshness and workout goal im struggling to see how this is of benefit. To show you 3 workouts of completely different intensity? Whats the benefit of this as opposed to you just riding a favourite or searching for a workout?

So have they just added a “It’s your rest day, fancy doing some more training like an intense VO2 workout?”

It says that the feature suggests workouts based on your history. So maybe a VO2 workout means that there was a rest day yesterday, too :slight_smile: