Adaptive Training and Plan Builder


I just signed up for TR today, did a ramp test (humbling), then answered the questions in Plan Builder to come up with a plan to have me ready for a full distance Ironman next spring (April). I have completed 2 full distance IM’s over the past 2 years but of course want to improve. I would like to use this fall/winter to increase my FTP (and hopefully improve my overall performance in the long distance bike). So I have the plan as mapped out by Plan Builder, but noticed a switch in my profile settings to turn on (or off) Adaptive Training. I am unsure if AT is meant to be used outside of Plan Builder or should I have it on all the time ?

Thanks for any insight, I am reading all I can about TR but there is quite a bit to the app and want to at least start on the right foot.


Turn on AT. Also going forward, you don’t have to do a ramp test, they have AI FTP detection.


Thanks! I am interested to see how it works.

Welcome to TrainerRoad, @Tominboston!

Super excited to have you starting on a Training Plan in preparation for your Ironman!

Yes, keeping Adaptive Training on allows your Training Plan to continuously adapt to your changing fitness levels.Each day, Adaptive Training responds to recent workouts, the subjective feedback from your post-workout surveys, and any schedule changes (due to external factors- read more here), to ensure that your Plan is optimally preparing you for your unique goals.

To get the most out of your Training Plan, we recommend that you accept the adaptations made to your Plan so that your Training Plan is always tailored to your (changing) needs. This will ensure that you get the best results from your Training Plan!

The Ramp test is a great place to start, even if humbling. We have to start where we are (and not where we think we should or want to be!). This is the first step in making progress towards our goals!! So you’re already on your way toward those Ironman goals of yours!

As, @MI-XC mentioned, you won’t have to do the Ramp test in the future! Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) FTP Detection allows you to skip testing entirely!

With AI FTP Detection, you have the option to detect your current FTP instead of performing a scheduled Ramp Test. You’ll have another Ramp test scheduled in 4- 6 weeks. Check out this article to learn how to use AI FTP detection, in the future: How to use AI FTP detection.

My 2c, but Ai Ftp and adaptive training have been spot on. Every workout has been difficult, but doable. And I see my objective power numbers going up over time, so it’s working.

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I’ve been following a low volume Olympic plan the year, started at 157 FTP ramp test (humbling), now at 215. All on 2-3 hours a week, two rides a week.


YAAASSSSSSS, neightdog! :fire: :fire: That’s what we are talking about- congrats! Progress starts with humility! :muscle:

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Thanks for all the info ! The other tricky part for me is along the way to the Ironman next year, I have a marathon coming up at the end of October this year. I don’t believe I can add a marathon as a “race” in TR, and I understand TR is a bike focused application. But for the triathlon, TR does prescribe some runs however I need to far exceed the time and distances on these to be ready to run in October.
So I can run “off the record” in TR’s view i guess and just focus on the bike.
I need to figure out how best to use TR. My real goal is to build my sustained bike power and speed to improve my IM bike. My current bike time at the Lake Placid IM is about 7hrs. Would love to get that down to 6 or 6:30 for the 112miles. So whatever Trainer Road plan is best for that would be fine with me.

I hope you are excited as I am with yesterday’s running news!! Check out this thread: New Early Access Feature: Import and Analyze Runs in TrainerRoad!

Training for an Ironman will certainly prepare you to run a marathon. Obviously, if you were not training for an Ironman as well, your training for the marathon would look different. However, it sounds like you want to start making progress towards both goals!

You are correct in saying that you cannot add non-cycling or triathlon Events to your Calendar at this time. Seeing as your two Events are months apart, I suggest that you add the marathon to your calendar as an A Triathlon Event.

The theory behind this is that you will make progress towards both goals (marathon and Ironman) while allowing for a taper before your marathon. If you wish to give more time to running before your marathon, you may wish to choose the Low Volume Full Distance Triathlon Plan, and add in some extra running on top of that (if you feel that is sustainable). If that is not sustainable, the Low Volume Full Distance Triathlon Plan will still prepare you for your marathon!

After the marathon, if you feel that it is appropriate, you may wish to increase to Mid- Volume, and remove the extra running so that you can pay your full attention to preparing for the Ironman!

You can change the volume of individual training phases in the middle of your Training Plan. Check out this article here: How to Change an Individual Training Block’s Volume. It can be a lot of information to navigate in the beginning, @Tominboston , so shoot me a DM if you need help setting up your Training Plan or if you have any other questions for me!