Upload Run and Swim workouts from Garmin/Strava to TR calendar (Feature Request)

They said they had the data already coming in…
My uneducated guess s that they need to work on how to use the data within the system inn way that make sense…

I think this will be much bigger than just showing the data from run

I understand that it may take longer to implement something, but this is a never-ending story.

For a competitor (https://enduco.app/) it only takes 8 months if someone requested, even with Stryd Power and AI for running, you can send the AI ​​workouts to Training Peaks/Garmin or Wahoo/Polar and we on TR have to wait ages

i think TR have to look on this competitor App, they have nice features, a bot every day in the morning how you feel and then the Training will be adatped for the day and so on, also easier training after injury and so on

they have an public Roadmap, where you can see all requests (planned/in Progress/Completed):

This i miss totally on TR!


I get the frustration and been a TR user for 4 years now but I am doubtful it won’t change for a while. By your previous posts you seem to have found alternatives so why still with TR?

i am TR User since arround 3 years and i have actually a annual subscription, as soon as the subscription is over i think i will move when there are no news by TR


I am aware that it is somewhat unreasonable to subscribe to a cycling platform/service and then expect it to become something else… but at the same time I hope it will, because cycling is just one of my sports, not THE sport anymore.

I hope there will be some sort of multi-sport announcement or beta before my subscription runs out in November. Fingers crossed.


I just got an email notification about a new support article:

ETA: Official Release Topic



Amazing news! I’ve been running 5 days a week and swimming a couple more the last few weeks. It’s been a pain in the butt manually inputting them :joy:. Delighted :raised_hands:.

About time and great news. You think this would be a HUGE announcement as it is very welcomed. Just enabled and thanks Chad.

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Have a look down the forum, its there now. Chad is just tooooooo fast!

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We can’t sneak anything by @mcneese.chad :sweat_smile:


I am likely one of the few silly people who actually subscribes to the TR support site, which gets me all this info whenever you guys add/edit them :smiley:

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Time to sunset this thread I guess :fire::fire:

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Surely there is still the swim bit to complain about :wink: :rofl:


Try it on zwift and report back. Lol :wink::wink:

Yeah, this Run addition is only one half of the original request. Great start, but this topic is still “unresolved” in the wider picture.

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While its true my comment was mostly tongue in cheek. I am pretty happy that the runs will be imported but I was one of those who didnt find checking a box particularly onerous. Wont change how I use TrainerRoad.


Yeah I know and all good. Glad TR finally implemented 1/2 of this as I like the calendar. Still use TP free app to see weekly totals but closer to deleting that. Running later today and hope hr tss comes over.

I uploaded a run from the weekend (it came in as a ride–support is looking into it) but it did have HR TSS which looked pretty accurate.


Great news and while I have not been running much this feature is welcomed as I do hike, walk as well.