The Ironman Training 2022 Thread

Holy shit, that was hard. Boulder kicked my ass.

Race report to come later, but the heat absolutely destroyed me on the run. But hey, I finished my first half Ironman.



Great job!!! That Boulder heat sneaks up on you!!


Congrats :slight_smile:


Looking forward to your race report! I was out there too and that heat was ROUGH. Overall a great day for me despite it, congrats to you as well!


Ok finally replying.

This has become the summer of SH!T. Piriformis issue inbut t May, week before Eagleman a hamstring issue. After Eagleman I did not run the rest of June, then started back easy. After 2 weeks of increasing my pace I thought I would test it out in a race. Last year my Training partner and myself deferred out a Olympic that was 3 hours from here, we thought it would be better to do a four hour ride as oppossed to a six hour drive, hotel stay so that we could race for 2.5 hours. So I used the defferal race as a test.

Colonial Beach Triathlon, happy with my time but damn there were some fast old dudes out there.

Next day around noon I felt wiped out, I went to bed, later that night my wife did a Covid test on me and it was postive, she and my daughter got it also.

After going pretty steady for about two years I am wondering if the body is saying take a break dude. This week is a test to see if I have the strength and endurance to knock out the training for IM Augusta.

Just in case. Finally


Race report: Race report: Ironman 70.3 Boulder · Blog · Guillermo Esteves (it got kinda long so I put it on my blog, hope that’s okay).


Nice write up and did the chatty 70.3 a few years back and it was around 100 during the run. Misery for sure.

Way to finish and keep it up.

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This is like the most important thing ever to happen in TrainerRoadesia so I’m gonna keep linking/bumping for a while to make sure everyone sees this…


Hahah and it is at least working as long as you do a “run” activity on your watch. You still need to put in the tss but I am sure other enhancements are being worked on.

Excellent write up, thanks for sharing. I like that you made a conscious effort to pull proper lessons learned. Especially the one becoming a better swimmer is so important. Being a better swimmer not only drops your swim time, it also makes the early part of the race much less stressful when you’re enjoying that part. And when you move to full distance swimming is the easiest part to add more aerobic volume to your week.

What I don’t agree with is spoiling the ice-cube doozy for everyone. People deserve to be surprised by that pleasant and slightly embarassing sensation of running along with an ice-cube diaper :wink:


I definitely had this reaction:

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How do you store your spares kit on your bike?

Following for this… I use my back pockets for road rides but have never carried spares for a race. With my next racing being a 70.3, I’ve been wondering if I should carry something, but I don’t want to!!

It depends on the race number rules. Sometimes the bike number prevents me using a saddle bag.

Don’t really want a bento box so pockets if no saddle bag.

If it’s a road bike then I’d use a storage bottle.

Absolutely do carry spares, no one wants to DNF half or full distance.

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In a 70.3 I always put it on a storage bottle but I want all my bottle cages because I don’t want to use the on course Gatorade

My only 70.3 I had a double cage on the saddle and one on the down tube. so, one was a tool box on the opposite side to my good hand. it worked for me.

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I’ve been putting off the the old twin rocket holder off the back for years cos it’s so pricey but that gives you bottle and storage space.

1 tube, 1 lever, 1 canister, 1 adapter isn’t too bad on the pocket space if you go minimal. Less if you’re one of these wild tubeless crazies :wink:

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It’s still only 3 hours of nutrition and then having to have Gatorade for 3 and you just don’t get much carbs in that


The storage bottle has never occurred to me… Purchase made. Thanks all.