New Dock Pro bed cooling from Chilipad / Ooler creators

I had been eyeing one of these as I get really hot at night and keep our AC set on 64 and still wake up sweating sometimes. Obviously this makes for an outrageous electric bill in the summer that I’d love to avoid.
I had actually written the dock pro off after reading several negative google reviews…now I don’t know what to believe…

No option for twin size :frowning: I think a half queen will work for the dock pro

Looks like with $15/mo the 8 sleep can auto adjust based on stage of sleep:

but looks like dock pro is getting that ability soon:

The obvious biased review:

Too many of the reviews online seem biased. Look how long they took to reviewed the device. Things you sleep on take a few days/weeks to notice issues

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Another review on Reddit complaining about the Wi-Fi issues I’ve read about several places. Seems the core cooling functionality is great, but other issues with things that are necessary to use like Wi-Fi are really hurting the user experience. Also sounds like customer support isn’t helpful either. I’m still on the fence with this one…

So wait and see if the fix it when they update the firmware which I’m guessing will happen when they get the tracking functionality

Whatever they used for their WiFi antenna sucks. I have an access point on my back porch and the bedroom is just above that. Finally tried opening the back door and the bedroom window and was able to connect. Guess I’m going to have to add an access point near the bedroom.


my wifi and everything else has been flawless, but my wife’s unit has started spewing water all over the place. need to get it replaced…

Spewing water from where? I think us being somewhat early adopters will have a few growing pains.


from the front. not sure if it’s from the reservoir area or not. a quick chat with support and they’re sending a replacement. thankfully the ooler units work with the new mattress pad, so we have a backup while we wait.

i was an early adopter of the ooler too. :slight_smile:


I just ordered a sleep 8 pad. Will review after some experience. I’m coming back from a long break off the bike and some minor illness. My legs go full Chernobyl when I train regularly so I’m looking forward to testing this bad boy out.


It uses a Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32E with a PCB onboard antenna.

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Just ordered the Dock Pro. While I wouldn’t consider myself a hot sleeper, I do tend to wake up a couple hours before I’d like to get up and not be able to fall back asleep. Hoping this helps, and if it doesn’t the 30 day trial makes it a risk free experiment.

that happens to me too. you could try setting a schedule and use the warm awake (or whatever it’s called). it turns the temp to high 20-30 min before your set wake time. if i wake up and the bed isn’t toasty, i immediately know it’s not near time to get up. i feel like that helps me get back to sleep. in podcast terms, reduced cognitive load?

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Anyone without AC using one of these successfully in the summer? I don’t have AC, and New England summers have become a lot more like Florida summers in the last few years. I have a window AC unit in the bedroom, but it’s loud and obnoxious, and it’s always a pain to install/uninstall every year. And my wife and I have different ideas of what a good temp is.

Could one of these work instead?



FYI - I purchased one of these access points and installed in the bedroom. Luckily I already had a hardwired network jack in the bedroom which made the install even easier. No more connection issues to WiFi. Kind of sucks that I had to do that considering no other device in my house has trouble connecting but is what it is. These TP-Link units are pretty easy to set up.


Dockpro company should give you that amount back. :wink:

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Also curious to hear what your experience is with needing to fill the reservoir? It’s basically running dry every 1.5-2 weeks which is way faster than the ooler. My assumption is that since the reservoir lid isn’t sealed that we lose a lot to evaporation? I have looked for any leaks and all is dry.


mine needs water about the same. it’s nice that the app now indicates whether the water is low, but it’d be even better if it’d send an alert. at least i don’t see a way to turn on low water alerts.

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I would think evaporation would not be ideal. my assumption would be a full system would be able to cool much more efficiently than a partially full one. My ooler is sealed. I dont see noticeable water loss month to month.

This one works a bit different than the ooler in that the water doesn’t flow through the external reservoir. Best I can tell it feeds and keeps an internal and reservoir topped off.