New Bike Day! 2019 Scott Foil 10 - Do I have the Wireless Unit in my Ultegra Di2!?

Just picked up my lovely Scott Foil 10 this morning - you know, the brown one where no one’s sure whether they like the paint job or not :wink:

I just went on my first ride, and it’s brilliant! I’m now trying to figure out how to connect it to my Garmin head unit and it seems like I need the Ultegra Di2 with the Wireless Unit EW-WU111…now I’m not really keen on already disassembling the bike so I figured someone here probably knows: Does my bike have this wireless unit?

My issue is I don’t know how to get the Ultegra in Bluetooth Connection Mode so it can pair up with my phone…


Press on the junction A button for a second and it should connect if you have the ew-wu111 bit. My guess is that it doesn’t. My aeroad didn’t come with one. You can also download the etube app for your computer (if you’ve got a windows computer) and connect it to that and get the whole system readout including model numbers and such. The desktop app is more comprehensive for customization.

Thanks! Pressing the button for half a second doesn’t do anything - I guess I don’t have the EW-WU111. I probably won’t be able to connect it to my Garmin without that, correct?

Full second, hold down and then let off. I forget the light scheme but if you hold it too long it’ll go into trim mode, which i think is blinking?

And yes correct.

Also, as per the rules of the trainerroad bikedom we demand pictures of your bike, please and thank you.

From a Shimano DI2 website:

Both the current and the previous generation Di2 have a button on the Junction box. Depending on what battery you use, the button does different things. If you use it combined with one of the old batteries (external SM-BMR1, SM-BMR2, or internal SM-BTR2) it:

  • Enters adjustment mode if you press-and-hold the button for 0.5 seconds
  • Enter rear derailleur crash protection reset mode if you press-and-hold the button for 3 seconds

The modern Di2 batteries allow you to enter Bluetooth LE connection mode. Note that this Bluetooth connection only works if you have a Wireless Unit on your bike. With a BT-DN110 or BM-DN100 battery installed:

  • Press-and-hold the button for 0.5 seconds to enter Bluetooth LE connection mode
  • Press-and-hold the button for 2 seconds or more to enter adjustment mode
  • Press-and-hold the button for 5 seconds or more to trigger rear derailleur crash protection reset
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OK, solved - I don’t have the EW-WU111.
From what I can tell it’s main use would be to scroll through pages on my Garmin and see the battery status, so probably not worth the investment.

Thanks, guys!

It also allows your garmin to log the shifting metrics from your ride.

Honestly, the buttons to control my headunit are the best thing about Di2 IMO.

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Also allows you to have your gears displayed on your head unit which I’m a big fan of. You can also have the buttons set up to change gears if you don’t care about navigating your headset with them, although I’m a data nerd who has like 6 pages set up so I use them to navigate haha.

having your gears displayed on the screen can be pretty clutch. I can get caught out when shifting into the small ring (I’ve got syncro-shift enabled so I don’t think about my gears ever) and it’s a nice thing to have. Also controlling the screens is nice, I have some unused buttons…

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And for hitting lap and pause in the middle of TrainerRoad outdoor workouts.

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I don’t know of an OEM providing a di2 wireless unit on the bike, yet.

But then the wireless unit will be visible dangling around outside on the frame - or am I not getting you correctly? Could you send me a picture of your setup?

Thanks for the input guys!

@Kekscast I doubt you had the wireless unit already unless you asked the shop to install it for you which they would have more than likely charged you for.

I got a Tarmac comp di2 ultegra / disc recently and had to buy it separately. It is very easy install and usually in the seat post. @GPLama has a good video on youtube of the install. You need the unit, 150mm di2 cable and the di2 tool (people say no but it is piece of mind). I also bought the climbing shifter as well like GPLama and love it.

The programming bit you get from it I dont use as I always use my computer for that. What is awesome is the gears view (i only show cassette gears), battery left, shifting mode, changing screens with the hood buttons and assigning them as needed.

Also on the 530 when I am about to go up or down on the front bracket it makes a noise and also has a visual on the screen telling me I have one more shift until it does so. I also use full synchro shift


You could have it in the handlebars, downtube or bottom bracket area in addition to the seat post mentioned above. Mine is tucked away in the handlebars.

Possibly one of the most useful things with the wireless unit is you can see the trim settings on your headunit. Handy if you need to swap trim between trainer and wheel(s). You can simply note the setting for each setup. No more guess work.

I have mine tapped to the stem and it acts as the link between all my bar controls and the B junction and everything past that point.