Any major reason to upgrade DI2 firmware lately?

I got a Scott Foil with Ultegra Di2 8070 last year.
When initially setting it up with the bluetooth unit (for Garmin Edge compatibility), I tried to update the firmware via the app - didn’t work, crashed.
Then connected to my computer and finally managed to upgrade the firmware via the eTube project software. Quite a finicky process.

In the meantime I have sold my Windows PC and also haven’t upgraded the firmware anymore.

Just curious - is there even a reason to upgrade between last summer and now? Are there any major new features or performance upgrades (e.g. for the automatic modes)?

FWIW, I use manual shifting mode - tried the automatic and semi-automatic modes for a week last summer but didn’t really like them, so I went to manual shifting ever since.

Nothing that I’m aware of.

If it makes any sense, you can check the update log for your components and see if there is anything you consider worth updating:

And I totally agree, while I love my Di2 updates always make me nervous. Shimano can’t do software, it’s simple as that. I bricked mine twice during updates. Got the expensive SM-PCE1 to recover it because the system was completely dead. Zero issues with all the electronic equipment so it can’t be the phone. Many people have issues with the wireless unit, seems to be the weak point.

I’ve been messing about forcibly bricking Di2 components in the last week to see how well the recovery process works when things go wrong. The Windows E-Tube app 4.0.4 does a good job of being able to restore a bricked component with the standard Di2 charger ( SM-BCR2). I haven’t tried bricking the battery or junction A yet… that might require the $ PC link to recover from.


That’s all I needed to know, thanks guys! As much as my inner child loves tinkering around, and keeping things up to date… It’s not worth it for me messing with the Shimano software. Let’s stick to not fixing what ain’t broke :wink:

If I remember it correctly it was related to an update of the wireless unit. This was after installation, 3 or 4 years ago. Killed it another time about a year ago. I don’t recall what unit caused it.
And the Android E-tube app, I don’t know, it simply does not run as smoothly as all my other bike gadget apps (like P2M or AXS apps). Not as I would expect from a big Japanese company.

I think they added some cross comparability between Di2 and GRX Di2 so you can use a GRX derailleur with Ultegra shifters for example. Last time I updated I believe that’s what the update was. Never had issues bricking anything