New App Update - Overlapping text

I’m wondering if anyone has noticed the following issue on the new IOS update for my TR app on my iPad.

When you finish an interval the summary details (Watts, Cadence, HR) show on top of the text coaching queues meaning I cannot read the coaching queues. Has anyone noticed that?

I feel a bit foolish mentioning this, but I’m sure we all have experienced when you’re tired, little things can sometimes bug you much more than they should!


Had exactly the same experience today.

Recommend taking a screen capture and posting here / sharing with


I saw this too.

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The only issue I see is @chad comments are covered by the interval summary.

I had issue with the beeps not working in the old version. I had a support case for it, but we never got to the bottom of it. They work again now.


Yes! That’s what I was experiencing too.

Same thing here. But personally, not a big deal for me.

We’ve had a few comments on this and we’re looking into alternatives. I can’t make any guarantees on if or when this will be changed, but this thread has been shared with the team.

I will note that this overlapping only happens when a device is in landscape mode, so one temporary “solution” is to leave your device in portrait mode - I understand that this may not be possible for everyone. :slight_smile:

Apologies for any frustration or confusion caused!


I’m not aware of any iPad cases that work in portrait.

Related to the new iOS update. I noticed a big jump in battery usage on my iPad. For a 2 hour workout, I usually have over 50% battery life left. Today, I was down to 23%. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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The relation is my very first comment.
It’s very slow and laggy on my side.
So it consumes way more power.
So you encounter higher battery usage.

Same to me.
I just want the old version. Can’t use TR anymore. And on smartphone it’s not comfortable.

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I need @chad to spur me on after the tough ones :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Hi, all! There are a few too many forum posts about Mobile update issues with the same comprehensive content, so Im merging / closing redundant treads to try to help users find more easily find common threads.

Feel free to defer to the app-specific pages moving forward:

New iOS Release Issues / Bug Reports
New Android Release Issues / Bug Reports

This will help us as a team find common issues more easily, and will also help athletes communicate issues and fixes better with one another. Thanks in advance!