New Android Release Issues / Bug Reports

I was using beta app for a short while but I started losing erg mode during rides or the power didn’t drop where it supposed to after a hard interval. Sometimes unplugging and plugging the trainer worked as a fix and other times I had to force stop TR and unplug the trainer. So I rolled back my install to the standard app and all was fine until the latest update was pushed out to all.

Today, when I started my workout, I had no erg control and had to unplug to get erg to kick in. Then part way through the workout I was stuck at high and unplug didn’t work so I force quitted and when I restarted the app I had been logged out.

Anyone else seeing new issues?


There is no Chrome version of the TR app, just an Android version that can be run by Chrome OS. The TR app is no longer in beta, so update it in the Google Play store to get the most recent version. It may seem slow at first, but I’m guessing it’s downloading your ride history in the background. It should eventually run smoothly. I’ve had no problems with it thus far.


Thanks for pointing out the chrome thing. I’ve updated the title to android.

As I wrote above, I wasn’t running beta anymore because of issues, and the update to the production version had already been pushed to my phone. My profile was already fully downloaded so that’s not a factor. Also doesn’t explain the logout.

Until recently I’ve had 99.9% uninterrupted connection and accurate trainer control .

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i am finding that on my tàblet there is very low signal from my sensors. both ant+ and bluetooth, one on battery and one plugged in. i switched to my phone, which is newer than my tablet and signal strength was way better with ant+.

Ahhhh tablet android 7 with Ant+ 3.6.40. Can’t download Ant+ 3.8.10 tablet tooooooo old

Having issues with my original Hammer and my Samsung Galaxy A7 (android 10) since the update. Taking a few goes sometimes to connect via the native Ant+. This morning it took a few goes to connect, and then the connection dropped once during warm up.

Bluetooth on AppleTV connecting fine on another platform, which makes me think it’s the TR App.

The android interval timer/ screen is hanging (pausing) a fair bit for me before catching mostly up. It might be that I am running it side loaded on a Kindle and not really an issue/bug for android users in general :-/

I’m having issues with paring Ant+. It will usually say pairing for more than 2 minutes. If I click on the device it will indicate that it’s paired, but when I go back a screen it still says it’s pairing.
Only way I can get it properly pair is to forget the device and try pairing again. This sometimes takes multiple tries.
I’ve moved to using bluetooth for the trainer and Ant+ for the speed, cadence, and HR. The reason for this is sometimes the Ant+ connection will drop and never come back. I have to disconnect the OTG with Ant dongle and reconnect it to possible get it back. This Ant+ drop also occur in the old version of the app.
I’ve also noticed this app is more sluggish than the old version. The interval timer is usually hanging and playing catch up, much like @HLaB has indicated. This might because my phone is older. Moto GP5+.

I had the same ant+ pairing issue I think. It would find it 1st time one day and the next day it would hang on pairing until I also selected forget. I assumed it was just because I am running a kindle but it interesting to hear you too are suffering it and sluggishness :thinking:

Same ant issues here also made worse on beta version. Guess I was not alone.

The original app was also flaky on ant but not as bad - neither were acceptable enough to use. Meanwhile never a missed beat with my bolt on ant, so I do everything there now, except outdoor workout processing on wahoo is also broken for AT/trainnow and endurance workouts have indefinite no eta to be fixed to match indoors. I’ve just given up on the app and maybe next winter it’ll work and for AT maybe this summer sometime seems more realistic based on lack of progress there. Riding outside enough to not want to fight with indoor troubleshooting at the moment.

Not a good run for TR lately but I’ll see where things are in July when legacy price renewal is due. It’s the only reason I’m still subscribed right now.

I just put a similar issue.
Apart from everything running really slow I noticed a lag in the countdown timer so it would jump 3-8 seconds at a time and not run smoothly. Lag in erg mode power changes too.
Halfway through workout lost all power reading even though I know Neo was still working on RGT which I was running on another device. Then Neo resistance went through the roof. App not showing connected to Neo. Then app saves my half finished ride.
Had to shut app down 3 times b4 Neo recognised again. Luckily able to resume ride but not ideal

I’ve just updated to the latest version released today and now when i press Shuffle on the Trainnow section the screen moves all the way up and I have to scroll down to see the recommended workouts.

The android app has a couple of really annoying bugs and they don’t seem to be acknowledged or any update on fixes?

Main in for me is the TSS/hours for the week in calendar view. It doesn’t give any Rollinig info on TSS/hours Vs planned for the current week.
All it shows it the planned numbers and that’s it. I’m having to add it all up in my head.

For last week It shows totals of what I completed Vs planned but It didn’t show this during the actual week.

The weeks before that appear as normal, as they used to.

I’m also still getting a faded/unloaded thumbnail of my ride in calendar unless I pull all the way to the oldest ride and refresh the page and then it loads. A little annoying.

Oh, and last time I checked I still wasn’t getting cadence data in workout using Samsung S9 connected via ant+

Did you send these to

If those darkened workouts are in the past and not completed they go that darker shade.

Those aren’t what I mean. When you complete a workout or ride now it doesn’t load the thumbnail and just appears like a blur or smudge

This is a known issue and has been reported in other threads. Support is aware of it.

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I got an app-update on my TrainerRoad app on my Android phone. The new version looks slick, the work-out finder filters are much better, and it looks overall better.

But my biggest gripe is that the number fonts are not fixed width anymore and all fields try to keep center-alignment, causing the fields to feel like they are moving all the time. They keep changing in location as the timer moves from anything with 0’s to anything with 1’s, etc. For example: if the time left in an interval is 2:20, and it moves to 2:19 in the next second, the entire timer field shifts to the left to accommodate the smaller font of the new “1”. It’s quite distracting and annoying. Or maybe that’s just me.

Would it be possible to revert the font back to the older one, or at least remove the “center-alignment”?

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Hey! Moved your post to the relevant thread, there have since been some fixes in the latest release regarding text issues, but you should get in touch with the team ( on this one with some screenshots likely so we can better understand what you’re experiencing and how to address it. Thanks in advance!