Accept 2% ftp increase so close to 'a' event?

Quick question, specialty phase, taper starts in one wk. AI ftp gain of 7w, 2.1% today. Couple of tough rides coming up this week. Should i accept it? Would maintaining be better at this point?

How long is your Specialty phase? Unless its only 2 weeks, I would want it to be done at the appropriate FTP, they generally won’t let your FTP increase once Speciality phase starts.

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Its a 5wk specialty phase. I have 1 more hard wk and 2 taper weeks remaining

I think you are better off with longer times in your intervals vs. the shorter intervals that would come with accepting a new FTP.

That said, the 2% increase is in line with the new FTP adjustment protocols that TR just initiatied to avoid dropping time in zones during Speciality, so it may not matter much.

I got something similar before Unbound this year and passed.

Listen to the TR Podcast from Aug 10th, half a minute in where Nate has some product updates related to AI FTP detection (and when not to change)

Leave your FTP where it is. That’s within the accuracy of most power meters. Increase time in zone, enjoy the taper, and crush your A event.


If 2% feels an easy step up you could maybe accept it but if you are close to your ‘A’ event I’d be tempted to keep it as is and focus doing longer intervals at your current FTP and save your legs. A 2% swing shouldn’t burn you out long term as the system will adapt if things become a little too hard. But you don’t need that close to an ‘A’ event. Good luck with it!

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Our bodies are not that precise.

At this point, we’d advise maintaining where you’re at unless you’re completing Threshold/VO2/Anaerobic workouts at Level 9 or higher.

This will keep your training targeted on sharpening you up as much as possible leading into your event by increasing the amount of time you can spend in a given zone or your ability to repeat hard efforts, which are a couple of aspects of your fitness that sessions with higher Workout Levels tend to focus on in the Specialty Phase.

If you are completing Threshold/VO2/Anaerobic workouts at Level 9 or higher in your Specialty Phase, AI FTP Detection just got an update that will automatically trigger it to suggest a 2% increase to your FTP. Otherwise, AI FTP Detection won’t run automatically during the Specialty Phase so as to avoid significant changes in your training leading into your A race.

If you have AI FTP Detection enabled on your TR account, then the feature will automatically take care of all of this for you! :tada: You can learn all of the details about how it works here.

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I’m in Specialty with my A race in 2.5 weeks. AI FTP Detection prompted me yesterday and I do not have workout levels at Level 9 (or even 8). I think it should work the way you describe (no changes to FTP in the last ~4 weeks before A event), but that does not appear to be how it is working.

Hey there @Chris47,

Since you’re not at level 9 or higher workouts, I would avoid the FTP Detection for the time being. We’re currently looking at your account to see what might be causing this behavior.

Sorry for the trouble!

Hey @Chris47,

It looks like you’ve discovered a new bug that we were unaware of, but I have been able to get things sorted out for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

When you rebuilt your plan on August 7th, you were in the Specialty phase but on a recovery week. For whatever reason, your Specialty phase then became a Recovery Week “phase” moving forward, which is what allowed AI FTP Detection to be prompted.

We’re already working on getting this one taken care of, but if anyone else runs into this issue, please feel free to reach out, and we can help get things sorted out!

Thanks for the heads-up, and sorry again for the trouble! :pray:

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