Workout results don’t go above 10?

Did a workout rated 11.5 Marcus Baker

Successfully made it through. Not without a lot of hard effort but completed it

Was excited to see my sweetspot go from 9.5 to 11.5

BUT it only went to 10 :cry:

It shows I successfully competed the 11.5 workout but the career sweetspot only shows 10

Is that the max now?



Awesome movie!!

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I think the idea is that PLs >10 rapidly diverge into meaninglessness so no reason to track them that far.

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Thank you for your post

What do you mean meaningless?

Copy-paste from 📣 New AI FTP Detection Updates! 📣

Although SS is not mentioned there, Marcus Baker has decent amount of time in Z4. Maybe it is time for AI FTP detection? Or if you can’t use it because recent detection, you have to simply override AT by choosing your own SS workouts (a la Polar Bear, Gibraltar, Pendleton). Sustained power SS workouts are fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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There has always been a cap on 10 on your personal progression levels.



Thank you

I have polar bear and pendalton scheduled as yes you are correct too soon for AI detection

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Thank you for the information

Much appreciated

So, even if it doesn’t show that you went above 10 does that AI interpretation for your next FTP take into consideration that you did a level 13?

If I remember correctly, AI FTP detection does not take PLs into account, there is some different magic going on. PLs are used only to suggest adaptions for upcoming workouts.


i.e. my understanding is that if you did SS PL>10 work, then it considers work itself, not PL=13

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Meaningless in that almost nobody achieves a PL>10 and so it doesn’t make much sense to make comparisons or distinctions up there.

The PLs in a sense represent a bell-curve of fitness in each particular energy system for a given FTP. I believe 4ish is meant to be roughly the population mean which allows you to be strong in one category (eg, VO2 with a PL > 6), but relatively weak in another (eg, SS with a PL <= 3). Once you raise one of your PL > 10 you’ve essentially walked off the edge of the distribution to a point where there isn’t enough data to (statistically) support added benefit.

One way to address this would be to create a whole slew of workouts in the 10-20 range. To what end, though?!? Alternatively TR’s preference is to raise your FTP, thus lowering your PL back to a more statistically supported area of the curve.

Another way to think about this… what if you earnestly fail a 1.0 sweetspot workout over and over? Clearly your FTP is set to high. It’s not like there are -2.0 workouts you can try next, but even if there were do you really want to quibble about whether you’re really -2.0 or -4.0?

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Thank you for such a detailed post

Really good!

I am hoping for a good size FTP AI increase in 9 days when I’m eligible again


Hey @Jenalpa13 :slight_smile:

Just to clear out any confusion, @Torneng is correct. Your Progression Levels will always cap out at 10.

And @svens is also correct :slight_smile: There is a different, more involved kind of magic happening with AI FTP Detection. Think of Progression Levels as a real-time representation of your fitness and ability to express your FTP across each training zone.

I see you’re not currently following a TR training plan, but if you were, your Progression Levels would work in tandem with Adaptive Training to serve you the necessary adaptations for future workouts.