Bump to FTP and adding a day

Just started sustained build last week, FTP test gave me 3% gain. So, 176 to 182. Rode the week, no issues. I kind of want to push ahead a little, get some momentum going. Bumped it up to 193 and thought I’d see how the week goes. If it matters, last week was a 413 TSS week, this week is a 457 TSS week, followed by 477, 316 and then a scheduled ramp test as part of the build training plan. Curious peoples thoughts.

Also, right now doing five days week with no issues. Tues, Wed, Thur, Sat & Sun. Looked at the Six day a week plans, it’s just adding a a light ride like Beech or Pettit. So I thought about keeping the five day a week plan but manually adding in a sixth day, on Friday with the above rides, keeping the added TSS about 36 or 39, nothing too stressful.

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Why would you bump your FTP up from the value it gave you from the test?

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I would add training stress by adding volume and intensity but not by bumping up your FTP.

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Maybe it would be better, put the FTP back and add a day then, a Friday like I mentioned.

Keep in mind if you just started a build block the plan is designed to get harder as you progress and starting the first week to hard means will make it harder to build training stress through the block

So basically I’m just being impatient, especially since I have another FTP in three weeks. (I’ve already dropped back down to what was given)

In regards to adding another day, good or bad idea in your opinion?

Probably better to keep your rest days free and change workouts to the +1 versions for extra volume if you really feel you need it. If you feel you mis-tested on the ramp test then build in another ramp test and try again… sounds like you’ve got plenty of energy for it!!

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Appreciate everyone’s input. I’ll be patient, keep the workouts where they are at. No change to FTP or adding days.

Agree with @Andy1Rose - leave the rest days clear, make the workout days harder by selecting +1 or +2 versions… One week I felt super good and did a +5 :smiley: but the rest days are critical.

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Side note (may be a big tangent) in regards to the FTP test, since I only started trainerroad in mid Aug. I’m going to do a little testing next time I take it. I’ve always been in the big ring in the front and mid in the rear. (it’s just quiet and straight on pretty much) Since I’m running Di2, I’ve set it to synchronized shifting, one hand shifting from flat riding to hill climbing gearing. Next time I do the FTP, I’ll give the climbing gears a try, see how the FTP goes. Really curious.

Think you get the idea but I echo what’s been said here.

Just make sure you absolutely bury yourself on the test. Naturally after 3 weeks of training some of the sessions will be feel marginally easier as your improving week on week anyway. Maybe retest mid way through a plan if you feel the sessions are really easy or comfortable. Or perhaps increase the session intensity by 2 or 3%.

The key is patience. Last thing you want to do is burn out and loose motivation while you recover.

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Sorry what is FTP stand for? Also I have a gearing question for climbs