Need suggestion for build up to 2020 event

I am planning to attempt an event in 2020 that will be happening in April. I am currently on Sustained Power LV and will be ending it this week. Will be away from next week until 21st. That leaves me enough time to do 2 more plans before my event in 2020.

Should i do 2 Build Plan back to back or should i go back to doing a SSBLV2 then back to my Sustained Power LV?

My aim is to maximise my FTP but making sure i can sustain a >75% FTP for around 6-7 hrs.

Here is the default guide to having extra time in your season, and the recommended options:

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I think you’re fine repeating Sustained Power, mainly because there’s so much overlap with SSB.

Then move on to Specialty.

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