Build bigger sword or sharpen the one I have?

I understand Covid has destroyed many training and racing plans this year, but I just learned it has potentially freed me up to do the Shenandoah Mtn 100 MTB race in September (they say it’s still happening…we will see). I’m currently at an FTP of 310 which puts me right around 4 w/kg

With no true “A Race” I haven’t used plan builder, I’ve just used the older plans. Leading up to today I have done SSBMV in the winter, General build, and then due to the virus, I went back and did SSBMV again in March. Then Began Sustained Power Build. Due to vacation (with some unstructured fun riding) I am in week #2 of Sustained Power Build. So here is my question: which would you do and why?

  1. continue with full Sustained Power Build plan, which would end 2 weeks before the event, and build a bigger FTP/sword? that would basically leave me a rest week and then taper week before the event.

  2. Move into Specialty on Monday (either century or Cross Country Marathon) and “sharpen the sword” and get more event-specific. This is the plan-builder suggestion, as I’ve messed around with it this morning

I guess I should say: I will be riding to finish with a decent time, not racing for a podium.

I can see benefits to each option…your thoughts are greatly appreciated

Option 2.

Makes sense to work on endurance and get more event-specific, especially since you’re wanting to improve your experience not your placing.

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I guess i could also split the difference between #1 and #2: Finish the first half of Sustained Power build next week, take the recovery week, then do 6 weeks of specialty before the event of September 6th.


Option 2. Build better sustainable power which is the key to that type of event anyway, and will pay off more in the long run.