Which Plan Next? Advice please

I completed Base 1 Low and FTP rose 14%
Just finished Base 2 Low and FTP dropped 1.5%
Both completed via the Ramp Tests.
Slightly disappointing as I’ve been consistent throughout, but hey-ho…

As it’s mid Sept and heading into Autumn & Winter with no events until at least April next year.
What plan would you follow next Base 1, Base 2 or crack on with Build?

If you have an event, consider using the Plan Builder

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What was your experience of structured training before this?
Has your weight/body comp changed?
Has your endurance improved?

There are many angles of improvements which are often derived from Base which may not effect overall FTP score. :slight_smile:

I’m finishing a Specialty right now. After that I’ll go back to base, and probably even turn it down a bit while I work in some other stuff like running, mobility, and strength. Then in Januaryish I’ll start a Build in the hopes that there will be spring crits.

Point is, I’d take the opportunity to focus on things I neglect (other movement patterns).

Did you fo LV because you can’t commit anymore time to training? If you can do MV then repeat SSB but MV. Then Build

I did LV so I could ride also outside on Wednesdays & Sunday’s. About an hour in Z2 on a Wednesday and around 2hrs Z2 Sunday.

Just wondering whether I move on to Build or repeat Base now.

I’m like you…I do LV so I can ride outside. I don’t race though. I can keep up with anyone I’d choose to ride with so, for me, TrainerRoad is about the workouts and becoming more efficient on the bike. I’m more interested in how to use that FTP, not really improve it…though an FTP improvement is always welcome!

That being said. I’d go on to build. It’s challenging even on LV. You might find you’ll want to repeat a week or space things out a bit more if your outside ride time goes up. What’s great about doing build now is you’re not in a rush. Take your time working through it and really get everything you can out of each workout. Do some of the VO2 work a few times and when Chad says “bump up the intensity”…bump it! You can see how far you really can push yourself. If you fail…who cares…you now have a known limit.

You’ll have plenty of time to go back to base before your race season next year.


Most power meters have a stated accuracy of about 1%, so from my perspective 1.5% is just about in the noise. If your FTP was around 300 watts, thats a difference of 4.5 watts. I track in 5w increments, but I don’t think 4-5w super noticeable and could easily be explained by a variety of factors on test day. I would use whichever number you want, but wouldn’t be concerned about it.

Good job on the 14% bump. That is a nice increase and probably made SSBII feel much more difficult than SSBI. Your SS intervals in SSBII were higher than your threshold intervals from SSBI! That takes some adjustment to recalibrate your perceived exertion.

An option, if you don’t want to commit to a full build, would be to just do the first half (4 weeks.). You’d get a taste and be better mentally prepared for next time but wouldn’t have to deal with the full deal.

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