Need more volume but only certain days

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to customize the training plan. I want high volume but I need two specific days off (monday and saturday). The only way I could get the two days off was to choose the lower volume but it’s not nearly the volume I’m used to and would be a significant setback. How can I increase the volume but keep the days I need off?

Tempo work

Which high volume plan are you looking at?

Maybe configure the High Volume plan but with the Mondays and Saturdays “off”!

Here is the normal HV plan, and then I moved the easy day to Monday (skip) and Saturday totally free, and then you could maybe do all the workouts like normal.

Something like this? The example is from Sweet Spot Base - High Volume I

I would utilize the variations of workout (+1/-1) to increase the TSS and volume of certain workouts depending upon the day. There is an open feature request for more modification within plans that we’ll hopefully introduce soon, but in the meantime, you’ll have to manually add workouts or variations to get the volume you’d like!

Between Plans?

Do you feel that the volume you need lies between two plans? Perhaps you need more than Low Volume, but Mid Volume would be a bit too much. Here is how to make small adjustments to either add volume or subtract volume from a training plan:

+ Volume
If you want to increase the volume of your selected plan, you can

  • Complete TSS filler. This is basically low-intensity endurance riding that increases your TSS without drastically effecting your fatigue for the week. This can be a separate endurance ride, or extra endurance riding tacked onto the end of your planned workouts
  • Select the +1, +2 version when you have extra time and want to do the harder version of a workout. Read the workout closely to make sure that you aren’t biting off more than you can chew. Some “+” versions just have an extra set of intervals, while other “+” versions reduce recovery time and/or increase the interval intensity.

- Volume
If you want to reduce the volume of a selected plan, you can:

  • Eliminate the recovery workouts and replace them with complete rest
  • Choose the “-” versions of workouts.

In general, we recommend adding volume to a plan rather than subtracting, so if you are in between Low and Mid Volume, we recommend starting with the Low Volume plan and adding endurance workouts to increase your volume. This also gives you the flexibility to work on skills building, group riding, etc.

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Most/a lot of workouts in the plans have the +/- variants available as @IvyAudrain mentioned which is pretty handy for tweaking the plans to fit your schedule better when it comes to time available on a given day (when this gets built into Plan Builder it will significantly increase the functionality of it!).

As an example just yesterday of going the “-” route, I wanted to follow the cycling portion of the Full Distance Tri Base LV plan as a 12-week lead-up to Christmas/the end of the year, but I wanted to stick to just 1-hour workouts for during the week and I was able to add the shorter variants in for almost all of the workouts–it would work just as well going the other way in most cases too. It was quicker for me to just have the plan up on one screen and my calendar up on the other and add each workout in since I was needing to load quite a few of the shorter versions of the workouts (and I didn’t want the swim/run workouts added), but depending on the plan you may be able to do less manual work. :wink:

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So, it seems like I could either switch to a high volume and skip a day as @Dubadai suggested. Or I could just do what I was already doing which is ride in Zwift at an endurance pace for however much extra time I wanted to add?

I could also do what @IvyAudrain is suggesting but that’s a lot of work to individually adjust every workout.

I guess I was over thinking things. I wanted to follow the plan really closely and adjust it so it met my goals. Just using the mid volume plan and adding Zwift riding does accomplish my goals but it feels like I’m somehow breaking the rules.

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Or, if you’re just looking for extra endurance TSS, extend cool down and increase the intensity to 200%, which is usually a moderate endurance level. (Still hoping for the +/-10% buttons that make that more practical.)

Or pick an endurance or tempo workout (or several) you like that fit your time window and do it after your main workout of the day, either immediately or as a morning/afternoon split. You can add those as repeating workouts and pad out your plan with just a few steps, with the option to switch them around if needed. (Always feel free to move things around within the week as life and how your body feels demand.)

Or combine TR and Zwift. Let TR drive your trainer so you’re on plan and not subject to the vagaries of terrain and rack up distance/drops/unlocks on Zwift at the same time, and maybe have better eye candy for the endurance work. Or watch the podcast on YouTube, which goes great with long endurance/tempo rides (less so threshold/VO2).

The only rule is consistently do the work you need to do to improve, without working so hard you can’t consistently do the work you need to do to improve. Whatever gets you there is within the rule.


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I’ll just do the endurance free riding in zwift and the interval workouts in trainerroad. I think there’s some missed opportunities for functionality in trainerroad but I appreciate the help figuring out how to make it work for me.