Questions regarding incorporating more training when time allows

So I’m about a month into trainer road. Loving it so far, and getting some good work in. I’m using a Wahoo Kickr with my road bike.

I loaded a low volume training plan because I simply wanted to add onto my normal, outside riding. Mostly mountain bike since its dark out more, and cold out more hahah.

Now, covid has me stuck at home from work. Might as well make the best of it. I want to get on the trainer more.

  1. Can I change my plans volume for the time being? From low to medium? I’m halfway through my 8 week plan.
  2. If I should simply add/load workouts manually when I have extra time, what type of work out should I be doing?
  3. Should i simply add another separate plan to the calendar and do what i can?

thankyou community.


If you want to do it this way, just pull from the mid or high volume plans on the same week.


Following the instructions, there is no drop down menu for me to change the volume’s plan within my training block. shrug

Make sure you scroll back to where the current plan block starts and click on the plan name on the date it started.

did that.
drop down menu isnt an option

I’d definitely add time, and worse case scenario if you find it harder to shift your plan, keep the intensity from the LV and add in some endurance riding or some tempo rides if riding endurance on the trainer sounds boring to you (it does to me LOL)

good luck and enjoy the trails!


you can only change your volume when using plan builder, not when you manually select a plan yourself. Which is fine because I don’t recommend you change plans being so new to trainerroad. I would suggest adding Z2 workouts, like Pettit, Beech, Whorl, etc on the days you’d like to add and on other days if you have more time than a hour workout requires you can add 5, 10, 20 minutes to those cooldowns and spin easily at z2. I don’t recommend adding other sweetspot or higher intensity workouts right away. See how you do with the added low intensity volume and decide from there.