Need help with target ranges in wahoo roam please

Hello friends. I read every entry for wahoo, roam, target ranges, watt target ranges and more. Got a new wahoo roam and for “target power”, I get a range. This range remains the same for the whole block even if there are steps. For example, Reimstein shows 1-190 for the warm-up when there are steps up to 190 (my FTP is only 200 but I am working on it). I read “shooting for the middle of the range” but that is contrary to the point of the steps. Can I get the max value for the range rather than the range? I live in FL and we have 100 mile bikepath so it is pretty easy to be consistent here. Advice or help or direction? I don’t want to have to replicate them in trainingpeaks and then upload them through there but I have in the past and will again for tomorrow (probably). Thank you!

For the warmup intervals, we give a wide range since this early part of your workout is often spent navigating to a good, open road that is suitable for the given workout. In the case of Reinstein, we define the warmup with a range from 0 to 95%.

For the work intervals, however, the interval Target Powers should be more exact. In the case of Reinstein, we give exact descriptions of each interval with no variability.

During the work intervals, are you still shown a range on your Wahoo Roam? Or are you given the exact value?