Target Power in Workout Analysis lower than in Workout


For a while I have noticed that the target power that is displayed on the website in the interval summaries is quite a bit lower than the live target power in the workout.

I find that reassuring because often that makes it look like I didn’t “fail” short sprint intervals that are hard to match without significantly cutting into the already short recoveries. But I wonder why this is?

Of is the power after the “/“ not meant to be the target power on the website?

For example: during the workout the target power for these intervals was 512w. In the workout analysis it’s

It’s because apparently fixing issues like this is less important than new development and TR are unable/unwilling to prioritise both in parallel. See here: Inconsistent interval "target value" - #10 by jazir1979.

Oops, shouldn’t have searched the forum for “target power” only. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know.

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No worries :slight_smile: It may be worth reporting it to the support email address anyway, in case your issue is slightly different (there were a couple of different issues in the thread I linked to). And it adds another voice to it, anyway.

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