Huge Target power range for outdoor workouts

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I’ve noticed since starting to do workouts outside that the target power for an interval isnt always dynamic. As in ,say its the warm up interval and it goes in steps from Zero watts and then steps all the way up to FTP, the “target watts” is 1-270. Is there anyway to get this field to be more dynamic? FullSizeRender

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This is the intended behavior for the warmup since we want to give you the flexibility to warmup however you see fit. Many riders have to navigate traffic lights and other obstacles before they can reach a safe place to complete intervals, so this gives that added flexibility.

The intervals, however, should be more precise in their power range.


Hey Bryce,

Thanks for the response. I actually submitted a ticket for this and got the same explanation so thank you to you and the team and i do understand (now) why its that way.

But it even does this on some intervals for me, and while the gulf in range isnt as big as say the warm up there is still a 20-30ish watt range. Take Tunnabora for example. Within the sweet spot sets there are stepped (down and then back up) steps within the interval. But unless you just know the workout when to “step” down in power isnt intuitively known. I’m doing a bad job explaining this but do you kind of know what im saying? Maybe the steps in power arent as important to the overall workout?

The steps aren’t super critical, and minor steps like that are hard to perfectly replicate outdoors. In those cases we feel that having the range is better becuase it allows you to nail the targets :+1:.

I can’t remember which podcast this was addressed in but last month or so but Chad basically explained that the steps indoors are more of a mental breakup vs truly impacting the workout.

The goal is to accumulate time in the zone (sweet spot in this case) and if you can replicate the workout itself outside, that’s awesome but think it is a spirit of the law vs a letter of the law thing.


Don’t forget the purpose of the steps in Tunnabora is for you to increase cadence as the power drops and vice versa. If one doesn’t know the indoor version well enough to know about the cadence changes then it effectively just becomes sweet spot intervals where accuracy is less important.

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Ah, you’re right. That was a fairly recent one too!

Absolutely, and i totally understand that the outdoor workouts will never be as accurate as indoor. But thats what I have available to me during the work week (and when I get the lion’s share of training done)

the work intervals have a 20 watt range, the center of the range is what is listed on the app for the power target for that interval, that’s something to keep in mind when you see that range.

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Yeah, I generally shoot for the top of the range and then just call it a win if i can keep it consistent in the range.

The prescribed warmups really are that good tho. For me, it’s just not that hard to follow 100% the same routine, with all of its minor variations, outdoors. There’s a few good loops here without stoplights and no traffic to speak of, so all the precision and changes-for-the-sake-of-changes aren’t a problem for me.

I imagine the Wahoo ELEMNT workout API don’t allow for moving targets? Or does it? That means anything with slow changes in power would need to get discretized into, maybe, one-minute chunks for upload to them, without a human having to re-make the thing?

Anyway +1 for pushing the indoor version to my ELEMNT, without simplification.