Trainerroad target watts are off?

Hello, first time doing TR workout today, did Barnard -4 workout , with my 269ftp , and i closely followed the target watts that the screen told me , i had to abandon the workout halfway thourgh because i couldn’t hold the target watts, which seemed little bit odd but thought okay then, but when i’m analyzing now, seems the target was way off what i actually needed to hold according to plan ? For example It told me to hold about 430W on the 2set of intervals, but when i’m looking now it says that i only needed 300-350w, and all intervals were wrong, not only one

I’ll attach picture also, when you can see on the graph that the target was supposed to be 363w for Anaerobic capacity 1 intervall,( which is exactly 135% from my FTP, but from the bottom list you can see that it says Power: 371 / 432 , 432 is 161% of my ftp :roll:

Am i doing something wrong myself or is it TR problem ?

I tried same workout again today but now it showed correct watts for target, but why did it show the wrong watts at the last time ? That makes me cautious for the future workouts …

That’s super weird and you should drop an email.

Edit to add… Did you maybe increase the intensity accidentally?

How do you increase the intensity ?

What Device : iPad, iPhone, Mac, etc
What Trainer: KICKR, Neo, etc
What Power Meter: Stages, etc

Put all that into the support email and they can then help you better.

It looks like you have increased the intensity. When you are inside a workout there should be a small section that has “INTENSITY 100%”. You can change that and it will increase the target power on the fly. I think it also increases if you press the up-arrow on the keyboard of the device you are using.

Hehe, i feel so dumb right now , i used the app minimized at the bottom and thought the 100% was zoom :blush: So i “zoomed” little bit closer :smiley:


@Raikzz That must have been a painful mistake! :exploding_head:

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ohh tell me about it! I was watching the Worlds and that motivated to push me, until i feeled so dizzy i had to stop the interval :smiley:

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