Need help finding proper glasses for TT

I’ve been getting more into riding in the TT position this year and found my current glasses are severely limiting my view. The glasses are rather small and top bezel is in my line of view.

I’m now looking to get a new pair of glasses that don’t limit my view in TT position. Preferably one set which is suitable for both sunny and cloudy wether due to limited funds. I limited my options to glasses without bezel at the top, so it would not hinder my view.

So far I’ve come up with 2 options:

  1. Oakley EV Zero Path Photochromic

  2. Oakley EV Zero Prizm Road (lenstype Stride)

My questions are:

  • Does anyone have experience with any of these glasses? If so, would they be suitable for my conditions?
  • As far as looks and face couverage go I’d opt for option 2, but I’m unsure on how the view is on cloudy days. Anyone have experience with Oakleys Prism lenses?
  • How do the bigger glasses from e.g. Oakley with a top bezel perform in TT position? Does the bezel get in the way of the view?
  • Do you guys have any other glasses I should consider?


I haven’t used the Zero glasses, but if I were looking to buy new glasses for TT’s, they would be high on my list. Lack of frames at the top are a key feature for TT riding.

You can also look for the older style Radar XL glasses. Before I switched to a visor, those were the glasses I used for my tri’s. Worked great.

Another option would be the Smith Pivlock designs…they pivot at the temple, so you can get a better viewing angle when in aero bars. Also maybe look at the Roka glasses that don’t have a top frame.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

The Roka SL-1x with HC Octane Mirror lens actually looks really good imo.

It’s just a bit pricey and I’m concerned about the return policy. Having to pay for the shipping myself.

Anyone have experience with Roka and/or these glasses?

If you’re looking at Oakley already, their Flight Jacket line might be suitable as well.

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Yeah, just not a big fan of the way it looks. A bit too much for me.

I have the Roka GP1-x which i love. no top bezel, but has a lower bezel to prevent dirt from getting into my eye from below. the grip is great and i’ve never had it slide off my face and i don’t adjust it as much as when i use my smith glasses.

they also have an outlet where some models are available at a cheaper price. they also offer free returns/exchanges if you’re in the US.

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Unfortunately the GPs are way out of my price range starting at 200+ Euro.
EU site outlet has a very limited range of glasses available.

I usually wear a visor for triathlons but have a pair of Oakley EV Zero with road lens for other riding. The lack of a frame is really nice, especially for shoulder checks. When I’m wearing them and have my head down they cover my field of view all the way forward (almost no gap for dazzling reflections) but obviously this will vary based on head shape etc.

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Oakley Flight Jackets are the way to go, wide enough to offer great eye sight, also very light on your face. Sweat doesn’t drain down them.

Or go for a visor on a TT helmet, there is a small percentage between them.


Which version of the EV Zero do you have?

If you’re in the UK flight jackets at sigma seem to be a bit cheeper than last week.

Just ordered a pair and the top is super easy viewing.

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I have the Oakley EV Zero Prizm Road. They work well for TT training when I don’t have the aero helmet on, lens is great in a variety of light conditions. Also good for the road bike as being totally frameless is both good for looking through the top when in the drops, but also for checking who’s beside/behind you out of the corner of your eye.

For TT racing though, I think the best option is an aero helmet with integrated visor. I use a POC Cerebel, came with 2 lenses, one for bright and one for low light conditions. Great visibility, doesn’t fog up, seems to add a bit of noise insulation is well which I like as it really helps me feel in the zone. Think it’s also more aero, though not 100% sure on that and may vary depending on which model of helmet/glasses/visor you’re using.

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I’ve got a pair of Oakley EV Zero Prizm Road. The Oakley lenses are great as always, I don’t want anything else. The EV Zero frame is very light, you hardly notice them, but may be a bit too light. I prefer the robustness of the Oakley Radars I had before. Sweat on the lens is an issue for both. Not sure about the Flight Jacket frame, but they could be worth a try.

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Thanks for all the input guys!

Just ordered a pair of Oakley EV Zero Stride Prizm Road
Looking foreward to trying em out. I can always send em back free of charge and try another pair if they disappoint.

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that sucks! any chance you can do this strava challenge hosted by Roka? It gets you a $50 voucher that hopefully you can use to bring the prices down.

Oh wow, thanks for the tip!
Just joined the challenge in case the Oakleys let me down.

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I have the ev zero paths and visibility wise they work quite well in TT position. I’m not sure if this is an issue with all frameless glasses, but I do find they can get suddenly flooded with sweat if they touch the helmet or forehead.

You might also consider a helmet/visor combo instead, i.e. the giro aerohead. My plan was to switch to one this season.

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An aero helmet / visor combo is still on my wish list.
But most of my outdoor cycling is done in a group, where I’m using my regular helmet. When pulling on the front I’m in TT position, so that’s where the new glasses come into play.

Just completed the challenge and got confirmation.
However, when trying to collect the discount I could only enter a US adress, not an EU one.
So I entered a fake adress and got the confirmation code on screen.
Tried using it on the EU site, but it isn’t accepted. Guess this discount is only available to US customers :slightly_frowning_face:

Ok here are some weird pictures as an experiment; both taken in such a way that I can just about see the camera lens:

Both provide full coverage. My EV Zeros are the Path version, with the lens shape with the slight dip in the middle, not the raised bit or the straight edge.
The other pair are Flight Jackets and being trail lenses, you can see the eyes! Handy. Between the two, the gap for air at the top of the Flights (caused by the chunkier nose piece) is better for hot weather. Shoulder checks are nicer with the Zeros.

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