Cycling Glasses Recommendations

So after catching a rock to the face yesterday, I’m starting to think I should start wearing glasses again. I used some Chinese Oakley Jawfakers for a while but they didn’t fit my face well and I would have sweat run inside of the lens making them completely useless. I’m willing to spend a bit for some good glasses and wondering if anyone has experience with particular brands they like. I’d like something that maybe has some extra curvature and won’t sit against my brow and have sweat run inside the lens.

Some brands I’m familiar with and can get locally:

Anyone have any good/bad experience with any of the above as far as quality/service goes? I want something with interchangeable lenses so I can run clear/yellow ones for MTB, and another for road. I do not like lenses that have a warm tint to them, prefer something neutral/cool for summer riding

See here:

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From the glasses Ive had it seems the more you spend the less they fog up.

Oakley with a Prizm lens would be my recommendation. I like the fit of my jaw breakers but they have a dark lens so I tend to choose my Flight Jacket which fit almost as well but have a Prizm lens.

Its maybe clever marketing as its stuck in my head. I saw an Oakley vid once and they were warning that Jokelys may not protect from UV or worse shatter in a crash damaging the eye.


For me it’s not fogging but sweat dripping inside of the lens and I can’t wipe it since it’s inside so I’m forced to take the glasses off and wipe which is just a PITA. I think if they were a bit more curved away from my face it would be less of a problem.


I use copies of the Oakley EV Zero Blades. No frame, so easier to clean.

Might be nothing to do with it but I also find with a bigger lens those sweat blobs dry out at the bottom of a lens away from your vision.

It’s kind of annoying to buy them online because I can’t try them on or see what the lens tint does to the color you see. The one pair of Foakleys came with 3 lenses all of which made everything look green and red and I literally ended up throwing them out.

I guess I need to order $1000 worth of shades and send back what I don’t like? Is there any brand that has lenses that don’t discolor everything? The ones I got the red lenses actually make things more blue and the blue lenses make things yellow/green so it’s kind of a crapshoot of what to buy and what it will look like

I just went through similar and ended up ordering something cheapish from some place called bikeinn mostly because I felt weird ordering expensive ones that I couldn’t try on. Order hasn’t arrived yet. I think it was brand called AGU, maybe $75. I’ll probably regret every part of that decision, haha.
However as I almost crashed on a rocky downhill today when my “safety” glasses fogged up at the top of the climb before the downhill, I’m excited to try anything different at this point.

OT, I ordered a skin suit from BikeInn and it never came. After a long time they said it was out of stock. The web site said it was in stock though.
I did get my money refunded but there is a lot of very negative reviews out there.


Lol I kinda got that vibe from the site but figured I’d give it a chance as I reached my max amount of attention for the purchase I was making! Time will tell I guess :man_shrugging:

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The best item I’ve found to prevent sweat dripping and drying onto the inside of sunglass lenses is a cycling cap under my helmet. The brim of the cap wicks the sweat away from my face where it drips harmlessly in front of my sunglasses instead of inside of them. Best wishes.

I’ve had some Sungod vulcans with the iris photochromic lenses. really happy so far, used them on the road and mtb, from night time to sunshine. I don’t think they are quite dark enough for full summer sun but great for everything else. they do stand off the face quite a bit and the huge lens they look a bit stupid without a helmet.

$9.99 at Home Depot


I have oakley…

Have the radarlock and radar ev
They EV has arguably better range of vision. You can forget you have them on.
problem is you need to make sure you clean them well after the rides…
my lenses got damage because of sweat.
Oakly usually sell the radars with 2 lenses…so you can pick a darker one for sunlight and a lighter one for cloudy days…

I have tried I feel like 10 brands and the best so far have been Oakley’s.

Roka has a 40% off sale I want to try them

I have a pair of Oakley Flight Jackets and got suckered in by the Roka Strava discount and got a pair of custom Matadors.

I like them both. Matadors feel lighter to me and are easier to change out lenses.

I bought an Oakley EV Zero photochromic. I do a lot of ultra-distance riding, where I’m often riding in light and dark on the same ride, so having just one pair of lenses was a priority for me.

I’ve had other glasses before, but these are honestly the best. They work in all light conditions and the lenses are so big that I pretty much forget I’m wearing them once I’m on the bike. I can ride for 24 hours without noticing there’s anything in front of my eyes (as long as they don’t get wet).

Roka looks good actually, I like the GP and SL-1x personally. I also like that they have a preview of what the lenses will look like, though I can’t tell if they only ship with one lens per pair or not as I’d really love to have a clear lens for MTB as well just for eye protection


I have a few pairs of rokas, highly recommend them.


I’m not sure if they come with extra lenses but I know you can buy extra lenses separately. I have polarized, clear, and a pink shade that is actually my favorite